Good Night


2. The House

The house in which Sophie lived with her two very old and very little grandparents was, as mentioned before, a little old one. It was the colour of washed, out dawn, built of bricks and timbre, and consisted of one story, with one attic.

The house was made up of a kitchen, right at the very back of the house, consisting of a stove, a fridge and a few cupboards. Next to it was a dining room, which only had three chairs and a small wooden table adorned with a vase of whatever flower happened to be in season. Sometimes, Sophie's grandmother would cut some roses from the garden. Other times, Sophie herself would bring in a handful of daisies or lilies. Apart from these rooms on the ground floor, the main bathroom with a bath, toilet and sink, and the room in which Sophie's grandparents slept in, and the living room, with an old black and white television and three comfy sofas, were the only other rooms to be found.

Sophie slept up in the attic, where she had made the room her own.



Sounds pleasant, doesn't it?

It really was quite a pleasant house to be honest, but keeping in mind what happened there, well, I don't think it will ever really be quite the pleasant house ever again.


Oh, and by the way, did I mention the kitchen had an oven?

And that the house had a cellar?

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