Good Night


1. Sophie

Sophie lived in a little old house, on a little old street full of little old people and only one other little girl. Sophie didn't think this was very strange; it had always been like this. She had such lovely blue eyes; beautiful, shards of sky caught beneath gold lashes. She had a rather flat face, but that was no matter, not when she had gentle, golden curls framing it, and the brightest of smiles, softly resting on her lips.

Sophie went to school five days a week, nine to three, always did her homework, minded her grandparents, with whom she lived, was nice to everyone and was generally a lovely little girl.

In short, she does not deserve to be in this story.

I shouldn't think anyone does. Not really.

What happened to Sophie, one likes to talk about it much. Not the people in the house, nor the ones in the street. Not even her best-est friend in the whole entire world, the only other little girl on the street, likes to talk about it much.

Maybe it's because they all had something to do with it, in some way.

Maybe it's because they all made it happen, some how or other.

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