Good Night


3. Hannah

The only other little girl on the street will be called Hannah for convenience, because it really wouldn't do to just keep calling her the only other little girl like that through the entire story. That is not her real name; in fact, Sophie's real name isn't even Sophie.

Where Sophie had blue eyes, Hannah had brown ones. Not brown as in chocolate, chestnut or even coconut brown. Brown as in mud brown. Where Sophie had curls of gold. Hannah had straight, brown locks. Not flowing locks, or streaming locks, or shining locks. Just plain, straight, brown locks. And where Sophie had the brightest of smiles, Hannah only had her mouth.

These two little girls looked about as alike as a fish looks like a peacock, but they were inseparable. They played together, ate together, cried together and lived together. No matter their many differences, they were friends; close, tried and true.


Or well, as true as can be allowed.


See, even in the best of us there exists the green-eyed monster of envy. In some, it's larger and more aggressive than it is in others. You will understand when I say there existed in Hannah, the very same monster, although very, very small.

Very, very, small, but very, very cunning, and very, very quick to grow.


Hannah envied Sophie's curls, her smile, her popularity, her brightness, her generosity, her charity and most of all, Hannah envied Sophie's eyes.

Perhaps it was this jealousy which will cause Hannah to play the part she does in little Sophie's...event.

Poor, little Hannah.

But even more so, poor little Sophie.

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