Angels are not what you think. We are part of the Convent Circle we help those who are alone and about to die. So you dont have to die alone.


1. What we are

First I think I should tell you who I am and what angels really are. I am called Seth, I am 904 years old but I only appear 8. I was 8 when I died I dont exactly remember what happened, I remember water and the taste of salt. Anyway when you die, if you have a kind enough heart then you may be selected, by the Circle, to become an angel. If you are selected by the counsel then you are an angel forever theres no getting out of it. There are a lot of missassumptionsand stereotypes about angels and almost none of them are true. For a start we dont have halo's: we dont go around only wearing white and we are not sent by god. We are from the Convent Circle a ring of angels which are dedictaed to helping the lonley. We do however have wings they are just invisible to living eyes. We appear like any normal living person except that we are dead. An angels job is to comfort the dying. Basically we are assigned to a person who is alone, scared or has had a hard life. Someone who (even if they dont deserve it) will soon die.For instance if you were being threatened then a few weeks before you death an angel in human form will come and be your friend and help you throught the hard times untill you were put to your peace.

Due to my apperance im usually assigned to younger children and after helping a boy who was being bullied and sadly commited suicide, I was told to travel to a small town near Bristol  called Chipping Sodbury and help a little girl named Evie who was suffering from child abuse. Little did i know this girl would change my 'life' forever.     

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