Part Of Me

Grace is 19 and lives in London. Her best friend and roommate, Jamie, loves One Direction. Grace not so much. What will happen if Jamie wins a competition to fly to New York to meet them? Will she become closer with the band than she thinks? Or if she ends up becoming the boys new stylist?
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1. Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner.

Grace's P.O.V


"The competition winner is announced tonight!" Jamie squeaked excitedly. I rolled my eyes playfully.

"I would be so happy for you if you won, really. But they really are just a bunch of faggots." I stated with a hint of laughter.

"Haha, but it would be so amazing if we won, imagine flying to New York to meet them!" She almost screamed.

"Yep, I don't want to upset you but I think that these kind of things just don't happen." I said laughing at how crazy she was getting.

And at that moment. The phone rang. "Ahh! Oh my god, what if its them?!" She said shocked.

"Just answer it." I said shaking my head.

She picked up the phone carefully. "Hello?" She gave me the 'it's May' look. I chuckled softly. May was our other roommate, she is the weirdest person I have ever met in my life. "What?! That thing better be tamed." Jamie said into the phone. I look at her raising an eyebrow confused. "Yep, bye." She said. 

"What's she done now?" I asked.

"Ew, she's bringing home a cat, that thing better be tamed and live in the laundry because if it is as weird as her, its out." She said.

I laughed, "Jamie just relax, maybe it will help get her mind away from that gay pokemon game she plays."

We only let May stay here because she helps us out with the rent. She can be nice sometimes but most of the time she is not human.

May walks in the door yelling and speaking really really fast, "I got a cat and he is so cute and I love him and he loves me and his name is Mikey and he likes ham and I promise I will look after him really well and keep the house clean and he won't ruin anything!" Jamie walked off to her room. 

"You better look after that thing or it's gone." I said.

"I promise!" She yelled with the biggest smile on her face.

"Why? Why did you go and buy a cat?" I ask.

"It's too cute! I couldn't say no!" She yelled again.

"Just make sure that flea infested thing does not touch any of my stuff." I stated.

"Yessss mum." May said pretending it came out of that cats mouth.

"AHHHHHHHH!!!" Jamie screamed really loudly from her room. I raced down the hall to see if she was okay.

"What?! Jamie are you OK?" I asked concerned. She was lying on the ground screaming and laughing. I started laughing at her. "What is it Jamie?!"

"T-The competition! We won the One Direction competition! I entered seven million times and we won!" She screamed.

"HOLY SHIT!" I yelled. "We are going to New York!"

"WE ARE MEETING ONE DIRECTION!" She yelled louder.

"Oh yeah and that!" I said. I had no idea about the details of this competition. "When? How long? Where are we staying?" I asked excitedly.

"We are leaving in two weeks! We are going for a month, we can make it longer if you like?" She said squealing and dancing around the room.

"A month is perfect! Get me away from that shit excuse of a job! We have to go shopping!" I yelled looking in my walk in wardrobe.

I'm not so eager about meeting One Direction really. They seem far too ahead of themselves. But I am so excited to get away. I need a break. After my parents died four years ago, things just haven't been going my way.

Jamie started pumping One Direction songs through her dock and yelling out, "Winner, winner chicken dinner!!" I laughed and joined my crazy best friend.

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