Part Of Me

Grace is 19 and lives in London. Her best friend and roommate, Jamie, loves One Direction. Grace not so much. What will happen if Jamie wins a competition to fly to New York to meet them? Will she become closer with the band than she thinks? Or if she ends up becoming the boys new stylist?
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3. That's Like Social Suicide.


We unpacked our bags and got settled in. Jamie was on the phone to her boyfriend who's back in London.


I stepped out onto the balcony and felt the need for a smoke. I know I shouldn't smoke but it is so hard to stop. When I was 15 my parents died. I moved into a foster family, who were nice but I hated them. They just thought that they could replace my parents. I was a bitch to them but they understood as I was going through a rough time. I got caught up with the wrong kids at school, started smoking, drinking, had many piercing and died my hair pink. I never did drugs. I would go out every weekend and get blind. I hardly spent any time at home as I was always at a friends house or my ex-boyfriends who I now haven't spoken to any of them in ages. I even had a criminal record for doing something stupid with those people. My parents would have been so ashamed of me. I now look back on my old life and regret it. I still smoke because I feel I connect with my father as he used to smoke.


I moved to London when I was 17 and had a fresh start. I met Jamie and we have been best friends for the past 2 years. She is not so keen on me smoking but she understands. I still have my nose ring, 3 piercings on one ear and 2 on the other and my belly pierced. I don't care if people say I look feral. This is who I am.


I step inside and Jamie is standing there smiling at me.


"Why are you like a friggen idiot?" I say with sarcasm.


"I'm really sorry and we can cancel it if you really want. I promise I will not ruin our bonding time and he can do his own thing most of the time and won't interfere with our plans and-" She says really fast but I cut her off.


"Just tell me!" I say laughing at her.


"Is it okay if Josh comes over for a holiday and stays with us here for a few weeks? I'm really sorry and it's okay if you don’t want him to!" She pleaded.


"Yes, that’s fine! Stop stressing babe. But no funny business when I'm around." I tell her laughing.


"Thank you so much!" She hugs me.


I wish one day I could find the right boy for me. Who accepts me for who I am. I dated a lot of the wrong guys in the past but one day I hope to find my prince charming.


"It's okay! When is he coming?" I ask laughing.


"Friday too soon?" She asks. Today's Tuesday.


"Fridays fine, don’t worry!" I tell her. Friday is the day after the One Direction concert and when us and the group of people meet the band.


"Let's go shopping! I heard there's a huge mall about ten minutes away!" She says.


"Okay, I'll go get changed." I tell her.


I went to my room and put on some skinny jeans, a red coat and some vans. "You ready?" I ask Jamie.


"Yeah, lets go." She says. I grab the room key, my phone and my purse.


The whole shopping trip I kept thinking about Harry. He was so cute. I saw a group a girls wearing One Direction t-shirts. 'Holy shit' I thought. I would never wear that in my life. 'That’s like social suicide.' I laughed to myself.


We got back and turned on the TV. And up popped One Direction. I quickly changed channels and we watched a movie that was on.


"You hungry?" I asked Jamie.


"Yeah, lets get some room service." She said.


"I'm not getting up calling them!" I said lazily.


"You wouldn’t." She laughed. She knew me too well.


We laughed and talked and watched more TV for the rest of the night and then grew tired. I couldn’t think of a better place to be right now and a better person to be with.

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