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Grace is 19 and lives in London. Her best friend and roommate, Jamie, loves One Direction. Grace not so much. What will happen if Jamie wins a competition to fly to New York to meet them? Will she become closer with the band than she thinks? Or if she ends up becoming the boys new stylist?
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2. She So Loves Them.

"Okay, I know your not a fan of One Direction, but because I am taking you on this trip, you have to like them." Jamie said.

"Ugh fine, but we are making a holiday out of this, not just stalk One Direction after we meet them. Because chances are, they are never going to remember us." I said stating the obvious.

"Okay I promise only if you like them." She said smirking.

"One Direction are amazing and talented and not a bunch of homos." I said really fast not meaning any of it. Jamie knew that i didn't mean it but she doesn't care.


Jamie's POV

She so loves them.


~ 2 weeks later ~


Grace's POV

Okay, to be honest I am actually pretty excited about going to New York, of course not about seeing One Direction, I couldn't give two shits about that. We are about to leave for the airport, we are just doing a few more checks in case we have forgotten something.

"Got everything?" Jamie yelled from her room.

"Yep! If I forgot anything I can just get it over there." I yelled back.

I was wearing black adidas trackies with two white stripes down the said and a grey knit top and Ugg boots. I didn't care what I looked like. I was just going on a plane. We wouldn't be meeting One Direction straight away. Would we? Nah.

Jamie came out of her room wearing some black skinny jeans, a hoodie and some vans.

We went to go say bye to May. "Bye May!" We both yelled from her bedroom door.

She ran over to us and gave us a massive hug. I laughed at how weird she was. "I'm going to miss you both so much and I really hope that you have an amazing time! Tell One Direction I say hi and if you meet Pikachu tell him that he is so cool." She said enthusiastically.

"Will do, who ever the fuck that is.." Jamie replied trailing off.

"And I promise I won't burn down the house or let Mikey in your rooms!" May said as she finally let go and sent us on our way.

On the car trip to the airport Jamie was playing One Direction through the car speakers. She has been playing them so much and I am even more sick of them then I was in the beginning. Jamie's parents are going to go to the airport tomorrow and pick up the car.

"Holy shit I can't believe the day has come!" Jamie said as we walked into the airport.

An hour later we were on the plane.


We got off the plane and when we were in the airport there were hundreds of screaming girls barriered off. 

"What the fuck is going on here?" I mumbled to Jamie.

"I have no idea but something crazy!" She replied.

"Jamie? Grace?" We heard a voice behind us. We span around and there stood five boys and a few body guards. By the expression on Jamie's face I had only one idea of who they were... One Direction.

"Um hi." I said not knowing what to do. I looked down and mentally face palmed myself at what I was wearing. I looked over at Jamie and she couldn't move.

"I'm Harry." A hot curly haired boy said and gave me a hug. He seemed... Kind? Too kind.

"I'm Niall." A cute Irish boy said and shook our hands.

"I'm Liam." A sweet boy said, he had a bald head but still looked really good. He shook both mine and Jamie's hands.

"I'm Louis." Said a really loud boy and gave us both a small hug.

"I'm Zayn." Said a brown headed good looking boy and he both shook our hands.

"Ok we better get going, we will take the girls to their hotel and then we have a bit of work to do. Well done on winning the competition girls and we look forward to seeing you soon. I'm Paul, the boys manager by the way." Paul said and gave us a smile.

They led us outside and we all jumped in a limo. I think Jamie has come back to reality because she has really come out of her shell now and is talking lots. I sat beside her and Harry.

"How was the plane ride?" Harry's husky voice said softly in my ear giving me shivers.

"Good." I said smiling up at him. He started asking me a few questions softly in my ear. He was so hot. I was starting to get comfortable around him.

And then he asked me, "have you got a boyfriend?" Wait did Harry Styles just ask me if I had a boyfriend? Holy shit.

"Uh no." I said looking down blushing.

"Well you're really beautiful." He said in my ear. This made me blush even more.

"Thanks." I mumbled kind of embarrassed. The rest of the trip he just asked me normal questions and he was really cute.

"I think we will see you girls next in a couple of days." Paul the manager said breaking us apart from our little conversations.

I think I am starting to like Harry. But I have seen the news and read shit about him being a manwhore. I kind of believe them, he is a bit of a flirt. I should stop this little crush I have for him because I know that someone like me would never be with a boy like him. Anyway I think he was the one who when out with like a 32 year old, definitely not my type.

The limo pulled up to mine and Jamie's hotel and it was huge.

"Holy shit." I whispered looking up at it. I heard Harry chuckle beside me.

"You girls will be stying here, we will be a few blocks away. I don't think you will need me, but here is management's number, just give us a call uf you have a problem." Paul said to me and Jamie. I remember Jamie told me that there were about 30 other contestants from around the world who also won but we were driving in the limo with them because they were on the same plane.

"Thanks for everything." I said smiling.

"It's okay, enjoy the next couple of days and we will see you later." Paul said.

They started climbing back into the limo and then Harry ran over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheeck. "I'll see you around." He said and winked at me. I blushed and tried to hide my face.

"Bye." I said and me and Jamie entered the hotel.

Maybe One Direction aren't so bad. Maybe its just the 12 year old fans that make them bad. But they still seem pretty up themselves.


Harry's POV

"She was pretty wasn't she Harry?" Louis said winking at me. The other boys laughed.

"Shut up Lou!" I said smirking, "she was..." I said.

I don't know what is was about Grace that I liked so much. Maybe it was the fact that she didn't jump on me and scream or she is so beautiful and cute or the fact that she wasn't trying to impress us as she was wearing trackies that looked extremely comfortable other than some of the other clothes we see girls in. I think I'm starting to like her. But a girl as pretty as that probably wouldn't go out with a boy like me.


Grace's POV

"You so like him!" Jamie yelled as we were in the elevator by ourselves.

"Pfft as if." I said.

"And he likes you too!" Jamie said excitedly.

"Calm down Jamie... You really think he likes me?" I ask.

"It was so obvious! Oh my god, I'm just imagining having a best friend who's boyfriend is in One Direction!" Jamie said nearly jumping on me.

I laughed. "Jamie! He isn't my boyfriend!" I told her laughing.

"Could be soon." She smirked.


Jamie POV

I almost jumping out of my skin. I am in New York, with my best friend, we just met the One Direction and I have a feeling Harry might like my best friend! How crazy is this! Life couldn't get better.


Grace's POV

The elevator clicked and we were on our floor. We went to our room and it was massive. This was so exciting! This will be my home for the next month. Life couldn't get better.

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