Part Of Me

Grace is 19 and lives in London. Her best friend and roommate, Jamie, loves One Direction. Grace not so much. What will happen if Jamie wins a competition to fly to New York to meet them? Will she become closer with the band than she thinks? Or if she ends up becoming the boys new stylist?
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4. Day With The Best Friend In New York.

"Grace! Grace wake up!" Jamie yelled. I rolled over and hid under my blanket. "I was going to tell you that we are going out for breakfast and then spending the day sight seeing but if you just want to stay in bed so that's okay." She said with sarcasm.

"I'm up." I say sleepily. I have never been a morning person.

I had a quick shower and then put on some skinny jeans and a nice coat with my favourite scarf. I grabbed my phone, purse and room key and we set off.

"Where are we going?" I asked Jamie as we were walking down the street from the hotel.

"Let's catch a train into the middle of the city and find somewhere nice to eat, we are in no hurry." She told me.

"Sounds good." I said smiling.

"Oh and just letting you know that we are meeting One Direction tomorrow after the concert and fully this time. Not just having a car ride with them. We get to have heaps of autographs and photos and-" She said getting too carrier away but I cut her off.

"Okay Jamie, I know. Is that like the 17th time you've told me in the past two days?" I asked laughing.

"Something like that." She said smiling.

"Is there any where that you would like to go today or did you want to just walk around the city?" I asked her.

"Umm did you want to just have a nice day in the city first and see a few things and then tonight we should go to Times Square when its dark and see all the pretty lights, haha." She said.

"Yeah that sounds so good!" I said excitedly. "Hey look! There's some gay faggots." I said laughing.

"What? Where?" Jamie asked confused. I pointed to a billboard that have One Direction on it.

"Oh my God! It's a One Direction billboard!" Jamie screamed. We received many strange looks from people walking by.

"Shit Jamie." I said laughing.

"Haha sorry." She said. "I still can't believe that we were in the same limo as One Direction yesterday." She said eagerly.

"Wow Jamie, you really need to move on from them." I said in a joking tone.

"I know, I know but I don't think I will." She said and I laughed at her.

"Come on, there's the train station." I said and we walked off to it.

We got off the train and found a cute little cafe. "Let's eat in here" Jamie said to me.

"Okay, I'll go find a table and you order." I said to her. I went to go find a table in the corner but instead it was taken. By Harry. Kissing another girl. Argh words cannot describe how I felt. I want to go over there and smash that cockfaced-slut-prick in the face. He was such a jerk and a player.

I quickly walked over to the other side of the cafe and found a table over there. I decided not to tell Jamie. This was our day and I'm not going to let him get to me. I hardly knew him anyway, it was just a stupid crush. But it still hurt a lot.

I didn't feel like eating so I only ate a bit. "You not hungry?" Jamie asked.

"Nah, you can have it." I said forcing myself to smile.

"Thanks!" She said and dug in. I chuckled softly at her.

When she finished I said, "lets go!" Just wanting to get out of there. Thank God Harry didn't see me.

New York is amazing. So big and beautiful. We went shopping and just walked around the streets.

"Let's have lunch in Central Park!" I said as happily as I could.

"Oh my god yes!" Jamie said so excited. I laughed at her and how surreal this all is. We got a hotdog and laid on the grass looking at the clouds. Everything was so perfect and peaceful.

"You get to see Harry tomorrow." Jamie giggled nudging me.

"Meh, his probably found someone prettier and skinner and better than me." I sighed.

"Don't say that!" Jamie practically yelled.

"Haha it's true.." I said.

"Being a true directioner I know everything and I know that when Harry see's a girl he likes, he would do anything for her." Jamie lectured me.

"And he's a slut." I said coldly.

"Haha I know you love him." She laughed.

I may have had the slightest feelings for him because he made feel something that no other guy has made me feel. But seeing him today hurt, a lot. Now I know that he's a player and probably does that to every girl he sees.

After about an hour of relaxing in Central Park I stood up and said, "lets go!"

"Yeah, lets go for a bit more of a shop." She said as I help my hand out and helped her up.

We walked around until it was sunset and then decided we should head down to Times Square and see if it really was as amazing as everyone says before we head back.

On our way there we found a nice Italian restaurant and ate in there.

We went to Times Square and yep everyone was right, it was amazing. The lights, the billboards, the sounds, everything. We walked around there until it was about 9 or something and then decided we should probably head back seeing as we have a big day tomorrow.

We found our way back and headed straight to bed.

I really didn't want to go tomorrow to be honest. But I will, for Jamie. She is the bestest friend anyone could ask for and I'm glad these tards make her happy.


Harry's POV

I lay in bed thinking about today. Cara invited me out for breakfast, so I went and we ended up hooking up. I know I probably shouldn't have because I kind of have feelings for Grace the girl I met the other day. Grace will never know about Cara though which is good. Maybe I can try and get them both under my arms at once.. No they might find out. I will choose Grace.

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