Part Of Me

Grace is 19 and lives in London. Her best friend and roommate, Jamie, loves One Direction. Grace not so much. What will happen if Jamie wins a competition to fly to New York to meet them? Will she become closer with the band than she thinks? Or if she ends up becoming the boys new stylist?
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9. Cute Little Italian Restaurant.

I had a relaxing bath because I am really nervous. I got out and wrapped a warm towel around my body. I walked into my bedroom and Jamie had picked my out a pretty white dress to show off my olive skin. I got dressed and Jamie came into help me get ready. "I'm so excited for you!" Jamie said and I gave her a nervous laugh. I did my make-up easily and Jamie helped me pick out which jewellery to wear. It was 6:50 and I was all ready.

"Are you sure the necklace isn't too much?" I asked her nervously.

"The necklace is perfect. Don't worry, you look great!" Jamie complimented.

We heard a knock on the door and Jamie ran into the lounge room to join her boyfriend who was watching TV on the couch. I grabbed my purse and walked to the door. I opened it to find a perfect looking boy by the name of Harry Styles.

"Wow." He breathed and I gave him a smile, "You look amazing." He said staring at me.

"You look really handsome." I said looking at his perfect curls that look like it took him hours to style. I stepped out of the door and Harry entwined his fingers with mine. We walked down the hallway to the lift and then got in the lift.

"Where are we going?" I ask him looking up to his beautiful green eyes.

"You'll find out." He said whispering in my ear.

We walked out of the elevator and Harry put his arm on my lower back to protect me. We get outside and there are a few camera's flashing. Harry holds me tight and says in my ear, "Don't acknowledge them."

He leads my quickly to his car and opens the door for me. I jump in and he goes around the other side.

"Was that a lot or not many?" I ask unsure when he starts driving.

"Not many.. Haha sorry about them I think they followed me here. There might be a few more at the restaurant." Harry says.

"That was weird." I say softly.

"Yeah, they will throw questions at you, some rude, some personal. Don't answer them just keep going. I am so sorry if they do anything." He says almost apologising.

"Harry, don't be sorry, they won't ruin our night." I say and he smiles. We drive for a little longer and then we are there. We arrive at a cute little Italian restaurant, which wasn't too busy. Harry got out and opened the door for me.

"Such a gentleman," I said cheekily.

"You love it.' Harry said holding my hand and leading me to the door. Surprisingly there wasn't much paparazzi. We were directed to a table for two and offered a drink, I just got a lemonade.

"Not a big drinker?" Harry asked.

"No, I used to be." I replied. We talked for a bit, mostly about his crazy life and then a excited looking waiter came and asked what we would like.

"I'll have the spaghetti Bolognese, please." I said and she quickly turned to Harry obviously more interested in him.

"Make that two, please." Harry said smiling.

"Thank-you." She said and quickly made her way back to the kitchen.

"Where are you from?" Harry asked.

"Born and bred in Wolverhampton," I said proudly with a wink.

"Liam's from there! Did you guys know each other?" He asked interested.

"I heard he was but I never saw him around." I ask.

"Tell me about yourself." He said sweetly.

I had to tell him about my parents sooner or later. "Uh, my parents died when I was 15." I said as calmly as I could. Every time I thought of it I just want to scream and stab every drink driver.

"I'm so sorry." Harry said meaning fully and grabbed my hand comforting me.

"It's ok," I said with a smile. "I guess you could say I went through a bit of a rebel phase after that.." I said with a hint of laughter.

"Ooh we got a badass over here?" Harry asked trying to light up the mood. "Have you got any tattoo's?" He asked.

"No I don't, haha. But I do have seven piercings." I say giggling.

"Haha! Where are they?" He asked.

"Uh, my nose, belly and the rest are ears. No dirty ones! Haha." I said knowing what he was probably thinking.

"Well I think they are lovely. Would you ever get a tattoo?" He asked smiling at me.

"Maybe.." I said unsure. The conversations went on and we had a good laugh. I really think he's a great guy. We finished dinner and didn't really feel like dessert.

"Let's go for a walk." Harry said standing.

"Yeah." I said. We went to the counter and Harry payed for the food. I didn't object because I knew that Harry wouldn't let me split the payment.

"Thank you." I said and we laced our fingers together. We walked down the road towards the beach. We walk hand in hand and have small talk. Sometimes it's silent but a comfortable one. The walk to the beach isn't far and when we get there there's a rug set up.

We sat down and I leaned my head on Harry's shoulder, both of us just looking out into the ocean. "It's so beautiful out here," I say breaking the silence.

"Just like you." He says back. I laugh at his cheesiness.

"Hey! Are you laughing at me?" He asks faking looking upset.

"You're so cheesy," I say shaking my head.

"I am not!" He protests and then starts tickling me. I am so ticklish.

"Don't!.....Stop!" I try to manage to get out.

"Don't stop?" He asks smirking and stopping and I just let out a few more laughs. I was lying on the sand and he was leaning over me. He leans in and our lips are almost touching. I can feel his warm breath. He stares into my eyes and I stare back into his beautiful green eyes. I brush my lips over his lightly.

"Why don't you just kiss me?" I whisper cutely and he smashes his lips onto mine and I immediately kiss back. I feel fireworks. Like in the movies. Wow. After a few kisses the kiss starts to get more passionate but we pull away smiling. We sit up and I snuggle into him.

"I should probably get you back, it's nearly 11." Harry says not wanting to.  

"Ok." I say smiling and he helps me up. He takes my hand and we walk closely and comfortably back to his car. We jump in and he starts driving. "Thank-you so much for tonight." I say kindly.

"I had fun." He replied.

"Me too." I smiled. I like Harry. We had a bad start but now I think that he is going to change. I don't know. I have been confused with life for the past 6 years, I'm just letting time unfold itself. I have a new amazing job and I can't wait to start on Wednesday.

"Harry?" I asked.

"Yeah babe?" He replied.

"Did your old stylist get hate, ever?" I ask worried. I am strong and I wish I can take hate. But I can be fragile. I look like I don't care but deep down it hurts.

"Don't worry, I'll be here to protect you if you do. You have nothing to worry about." He says soothingly grabbing my hand.

"Thanks, haha" I say smiling. I should be strong enough. Just listen to some Eminem and I should be fine, haha.

We arrive back at our hotel and neither of us move. I stare at Harry and he smiles his famous smile. "I will see you Wednesday at the event." I said.

"Yeah, we have a few busy days coming up but maybe we can catch up again." He says hopefully.

"Yeah, I understand." I say smiling.

I give him a kiss on the cheek and whisper, "Bye, Harry."

"I'll call you if I'm free anytime." He says sweetly. I give him a wave and thank him for a great night then make my way into the hotel. I really enjoyed tonight. I sit out on the balcony and have a smoke looking up at the sky. Jamie and her boyfriend are a sleep. My phone buzz's and I have a text.

From: Harry <33 Love Him

'Goodnight beautiful.xx'

Aww thats so sweet! Haha.



Authors Note:

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