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Grace is 19 and lives in London. Her best friend and roommate, Jamie, loves One Direction. Grace not so much. What will happen if Jamie wins a competition to fly to New York to meet them? Will she become closer with the band than she thinks? Or if she ends up becoming the boys new stylist?
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5. Concert


Grace's POV

I woke up to Jamie jumping around the hotel playing One Direction. "Grace! Grace! Oh thank God your up!" She screamed. I looked at the clock, great it was only 7.

"Why did you wake me up so early?" I whined.

"Because we are going to their concert today AND OMG MEETING THEM AGAIN!!!" She screamed.

"Calm down, I'm gonna go have a shower." I said slowly and walked to the shower.

I stood under the hot shower just letting the hot water sink into my back. I honestly don't know what to do today about Harry, he probably doesn't even remember me. Harry and I have nothing in common anyway. I think their band is shit, he thinks their top shit. He probably doesn't like girls who smoke, I smoke and find it really hard to stop. He probably goes for all the pretty models, I'm just some rude bitch who has seven piercings.

I get out of the shower and put a towel around my body. I walk out of my ensuite bathroom and into my room. I pick out some casual but nice. I decided on a pair of grey skinny jeans, a loose singlet that the top half is blue and the bottom half fades into white and a pair of teal vans.

I walk out to the kitchen to find Jamie ready too. "What times the concert?" I ask her.

"12, lets go down to the dinning hall and order some breakfast, yeah?" She suggests.

"Yeah sounds good." We catch the elevator down go to the dinning hall. There are a group of girls speaking a different language and are wearing their One Direction shirts. They seem so excited. They probably won the competition too. Great.

We got some food from the smorgasbord and found a table to sit down at. I sat and watched Jamie dig into her food not realising I was staring at her. She had a bit of food just under the left of her lip, I started laughing at how sloppy she was. She's so funny. She looked at me like I was insane and raised one eyebrow. I tapped my finger underneath my lip indicating that she had food there. "Ohhh hahaha thanks," Jamie said laughing and I joined in with her. I don't know what I would do without my best friend.

We finished eating and went back up to the hotel room. "Okay we have 2 hours before we need to leave and I need to give you some training!" Jamie yelled pacing back and forth in front of me.

I straightened up my shirt and yelled, "Yes Sir!" Like we were in military or something.

"Haha ok, come sit in my office." She said sweetly and led me to the couch. This girl is crazy.

"Do you even remember their names?" She asked realising that I probably don't.

"I remember Harry and Zayn, they were cute. Which ones have girlfriends?" I ask shyly.

"Louis and Liam do! So you find Zayn cute, ay? She asks.

"I don't know, I hardly know any of them!" I state slightly laughing.

And then she gave me a huge lecture on the whole band. I ended up falling asleep on the couch unintentionally.

"Grace!" Jamie yelled.

"Wow, what?" I asked startled, waking up from a tiny nap.

"You fell asleep on me!" She yelled again laughing.

"Oh haha whoops, what's the time?" I ask.

"Time to get ready to go!" She said.

We both got ready with each other. And help each other.

I wear this a light pink above the knee dress with a lacey back.

And Jamie wears a superman dress. (Google image tumblr superman dress.)

Apparently it's, 'simple but effective.'

Aaaand I have no fucking clue what she's talking about.

I do my make-up, just some bronzer and some mascara. I look at myself in the mirror one last time and we are ready to go.

We get to Madison Square Gardens and there are girls everywhere. Screaming girls everywhere.

We line up for about half an hour and then get in pretty easy. We get out seats and we are four rows from the front one the right hand side of the stage. Hopefully Harry doesn't see me. Nah he won't.

"This is so cray-cray!" Jamie yells.

"Haha, you're so cray-cray!" I yell back. The concert starts and girls are going off everywhere. Harry notices me straight away and winks at me while his singing. Some of the girls around us started screaming because they thought it was to them. The whole concert he kept looking at me and when they were singing little things he sang directly to me. It was kind of cute but all I could think of was when he was hooking up with that girl. Ew. I decided that I'm not going to tell him about that. Just kind of give him the cold shoulder. Haha.

The concert finished and to be honest, they are actually all really good singers and I did have a good time.

Us and the other competition winners are now being taken backstage for the meet and greet. And better yet, we all get to go out for dinner again with them tonight! Yay! Not. I just don't want to be used, I need trust and Harry certainly doesn't have mine at the moment.


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