One Direction Imagines

This is just some imagines.

Sorry but i want to start a proper fanfic so i will not b writing anymore imagines after Niall for Deidre xx


14. Zayn for Hailey


You are sat at home after a day of UNI and you are wishing that your boyfriend Zayn would come home. You start to cry and Zayn walks in.

Zayn: Whats rong Hailey?

you: It doesnt matter its just something at UNI.

Zayn: Come on you know you can tell me anything.

you: i know that but it really doesnt matter.

Zayn: When your upset everything matters to me so come and sit on my knee and tell me.

you: Well there is this girl and she is just being horrible because your my boyfriend.

Zayn: Well she is just jealous because i have you and you have me.

you: Awww Zayn you always know what just to say. I love you.

Zayn: I love you to.

you: I love you more.

Zayn: Impossible

*And you spend the rest of your life with zayn*

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