One Direction Imagines

This is just some imagines.

Sorry but i want to start a proper fanfic so i will not b writing anymore imagines after Niall for Deidre xx


3. Niall imagine 1


Its around 1am and you are sat on a wall crying, its raining, cold and windy then you here some one say:

Hey whats wrong a pretty girl like you shouldn't be sat out in the cold and rain like this. Whats your name?

(y/n): my name is (y/n). What about you?

*then you feel someone put a jacket around you and a protective arm*

(The person you had just met): Im Niall Horan. Now come on tell me why you are sat out here.

(y/n): Well my boyfriend has just broke up with me he was cheating on me with my best friend and before I could end it he said: "If you break up with me I will slap you, you worthless peice of trash" but then he broke up with me but he still slaped me and now my cheek really hurts and I have no were to go.

Niall: Well (y/n) you can come back to mine clean up and get dry and ill get some ice for your cheek it looks swolen.

(y/n): Thank you Niall you are so kind.

And that is how you met your amazing boyfriend.

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