One Direction Imagines

This is just some imagines.

Sorry but i want to start a proper fanfic so i will not b writing anymore imagines after Niall for Deidre xx


9. Niall for Julia


You are at home with your boyfriend Niall and the rest of the boys. You have all deicded to go in the pool so you go and get changed into a bikini and meet the boys at the pool. While you are lay relaxing the boys keep asking you to come into the pool. You can hear Louis giggling so you suspect that something is going on but you dont realy do anything about it.

You sudenly feel a gush of freezing cold water all over you and you screem.

Niall: Hahaha can you come into the pool now? 

You: W-w-what was that for?!?

Niall: It was Louis's idea.

You: Who threw the water on me?!

Niall: Me.

You: Well im going to come in the water now but you have to promise not to do that again.

Niall: Ok then.

**About and hour later the boys had gone home and only you and Niall were at the pool**

You: *Niall pulls you underwater and you both look at each other and kiss then you come to the surface and get out of the pool* Niall today has been the best day ever.

Niall: I think that to but I bet I can make it better.

You: How?

Niall: Julia will you marry me?

You: Oh Niall of course!!!! (you run up and give him a big hug*

And that is how you became Mrs.Horan.


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