One Direction Imagines

This is just some imagines.

Sorry but i want to start a proper fanfic so i will not b writing anymore imagines after Niall for Deidre xx


12. Louis for Emm


You are sat in your living room when your boy friend Louis came in.

Louis: I hav a suprise for you, come on and get in the car i know you will like it.

you: Errrmmm ok then...

**15 minutes later**

Louis: Were here, but keep your blindfold on dont worry i wont leave you and i wont let you get hurt.

you: Ok.

Louis: You can take it off now.

you: Louis you knew i loved go karting!!!

Louis: Yup i have booked the whole place so its only me and you.

you: Louis you are so sweet i love you so much.

Louis: And i love me to.

you: Your so cheesy.

Louis: But ya love it, any way come and get suited up and we can have a race.

you: Ok ill be back in a minute.

Louis: See ya then!

**in the changing room**

*Louis sneeks into yours*

Louis: BOOOO!!!

you: AHHHH for god sake Louis you scared me so much.

Louis: Well that was the point come here.

*you walk over to Louis and he  kisses youn pasionatly*

You both spend the rest of the day racing and having fun.

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