One Direction Imagines

This is just some imagines.

Sorry but i want to start a proper fanfic so i will not b writing anymore imagines after Niall for Deidre xx


8. Liam for Georgie


You are sat on the couch with your boyfriend Liam. You are both listening to the music channel and then moments came on. You feel Liam take your hand and write "Liam James Payne" on it.

you: Liam why did you do that?

Liam: Because I love you and I want everyone to know your mine.

you: Well thats ok then. I love you Liam.

Liam: I love you to.

you: not possible

Liam: come here Georgie I have a present for you

you: Ok then

*Liam picks you up and carrys you into your garden were there is a pool*

you: Liam no no no please dont!!

Liam: Who loves who more?

you: I love you more!

Liam: Wrong answer *he throws you into the pool*

you: LIAM!!!! will you help out

Liam: Anything for you babe

you: Come here then *he grabs your hand and you pull him in*

Liam: GEORGIE!!! why didnt I expect you to do that?

And you spend the rest of the day relaxing and playing in the pool with liam.

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