soul mates forever

This is my first fan fic so no hate please.This story is a harry styles fan fic.He falls in love with a girl named Annalise who has had a bad realasonship in the past will she ever move on and most of all is harry being honest all the time like he promised read on to find out more.

B.T.W, I am only 9 years old so like i said no hate please. :)


4. Will you go out with me?

Nialls P.O.V.

When we got on the stage I saw 4 beautiful girls sitting in their seats thank god they were in the front row I really want to get to know them  and I think the others do to. "Hey guys I think we should bring up those 4 girls on the stage whe we sing thats what maes you beautiful because they are very beautiful and anyway hy don't we get to know them?" I said quickly everyone agreed ecept liam but I can undersand why. he said he wasn't going out because he alraedy had a girl friend Danielle

Harrys P.O.V  

When we got on stage I immediently went to the girl I saw earler on she greeted me with a smile and boy was it beautiful I think she noticed me staring because she kind of turned away and said "i'm ugly aren't I" "no not at all you are the most beautiful girl i've ever seen and I want to know your name and if you'd be willing to go out with me?" I said hoping she would say yes. " My name is Annalise and of course I'll go out with you" she said with a slight smile I thought something was wrong so I asked whats wrong and this is exacly what she said "It's just that in the past i've had a bad realasionship and it just scares me to go out with you but I'll trust you this time and I won't tell you what happend in my previouis realasionship untill I know you better sorry but I can't tell just anyone what happend" "Oh I understad now but dont worry i'll take care of you and by the way where are your parents?" I asked immediently regretting it " oh um well they are no longer with us any more because my dad died on a plane, my mum died the next day in a car crash on the way to work and my older brother got murded so I bascly live by my self" She sadly said with tears filling her eyes I started to comfort her " are you lonley in the house because I could come and live with you or you could come live with me either way I'm fine" I said happily she nodded her head and said " my house please" "sure thing when can I move in is next week okay with you?" I said really excited  "Next week is fine Hazza" she laughed and I crashed my lips against her's my tounge was beggig for entrance so she sliped her lips open just enough for my tounge to slip through. Believe me that was the best 5 minitues of my life.      

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