soul mates forever

This is my first fan fic so no hate please.This story is a harry styles fan fic.He falls in love with a girl named Annalise who has had a bad realasonship in the past will she ever move on and most of all is harry being honest all the time like he promised read on to find out more.

B.T.W, I am only 9 years old so like i said no hate please. :)


7. the truth

Harrys P.O.V.

We walked into nandos and then Annalise ran out crying her poor little heart out so I followed her and when she stopped I asked her what was wrong she sighed and said " remember that night when we first met right and when I said I would not tell you about my other realasionship util I knew you better well I think you should know what happend" "go on" I said wanting to know more " well he had been my boyfriend and he constantly raped me so the last time he raped me was a few years ago and I keep having dreams about him all the time but ill tell you a short version of it. so one day when he had finished taking off my clothes he backed me up against the wall and pointed a blade at my throat and said are you going to have sex with me or am I going to have to hurt you in reply I said sex sex okay every time you do that you only have to make me get naked and then you can have sex with me okay then he threw me on the bed and pryed my legs apart and he threw himself inside me he fucked me for a little while then i said can you just lick it please he said yes and after a few minutes I put my plan to work I peed on him, grabbed my clothes and ran as fast as my legs could go ran to my car called the cops and drove away he yelled something after me but i chose not to hear it i drove far enough to the store bought some razors and pregnacy tests and went into the local bathrooms did the pregnacy tests 2 positive and 1 negitive then i slit my wrist and then i blacked out I heard sirens and when i opend my eyes i found out i was in a coma in the hospital. i said to one o the nurses im pregnat but she said ive lost to much blood to be pregnat. so thats basiclly what happend and when we walked into nandos I saw him his name is ethan im sorry for putting all this on you but it feels good to have it of my chest because when that happend it was a week after my family died so i had no one to tell so" i said and now we were both crying he picked me up bridal style put me in the car and we drove home. 

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