soul mates forever

This is my first fan fic so no hate please.This story is a harry styles fan fic.He falls in love with a girl named Annalise who has had a bad realasonship in the past will she ever move on and most of all is harry being honest all the time like he promised read on to find out more.

B.T.W, I am only 9 years old so like i said no hate please. :)


3. The first look

Harrys  P.O.V.

I was already ready for the concert, it was 4 hours away and I am practising with the boys "And a 1 and a 2 and a 3 give you this give you that blow a kiss take it back if i look inside your brain, I would find lots of things clothes, shoes, dimond rings the stuff thats driving me insane oh and all the girls say I want I want I want but thats crazy I want I want I want but thats not me I want i want I want to be lo-" I sung with the boys and stopped because a beautiful group of girls ran into the concert building but one girl caught my eye like she stood out more than the others "whats up hazza?" lous asked making me jump " Boo bear can you see those girls the one in front is really pretty-" I was interrupted by louis yelling across the bus "EVERYONE HAZZAS GOT A CRUSH" and then there was a long and loud oooooo sound and I just said "shut up shouldent we go and meet the really hot girls in the concert building and they have back stage passes" i said tring to chane the subject they all nodded their heads or said okay so with that we all went into the stage area and she looked more beautiful than ever.... 

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