soul mates forever

This is my first fan fic so no hate please.This story is a harry styles fan fic.He falls in love with a girl named Annalise who has had a bad realasonship in the past will she ever move on and most of all is harry being honest all the time like he promised read on to find out more.

B.T.W, I am only 9 years old so like i said no hate please. :)


6. Moving in.

Harrys P.O.V

I was just unloading the last few boxes out of the moving van and I had been thinking about  Annalise latley what did she mean the other night when she said she had a past realasionship and all that hopefully she will tell me what happend because she does not deserve a boy who disobeys her she is a smart,beautiful,independent and amazing lady and she deserves a boy who gives her everything she needs, wants and much much more and now I'm going to see what happend if I can push her hard enough to tell me so now as I am knocking on her door I'm hoping for the best. . .


Annalises P.O.V.

I finish getting ready and just when I do I hear a knock on the door harry I thought I ran to the door and opend it harry was standing there with a lot of boxes I immediently hugged him and gave him a quick peck on the lips "more beautiful than ever" harry said to me with that thick irish accent it was beautiful "thanks um just put your boxes in the living room and we will start to unpack later hazza" I said cassually.

*******3 hours later*******

"phew harry good thing your all unpacked want to go to nandos?" I asked being really hungry. "sure thing sweety" Harry said being cuter than ever " I'll race you to the car" I said already running and getting a head start but somehow harry beat me to the car and he said thet he would drive so he opend the door for me to sit in the passenger seat then he got in the other side and started driving. When we got there I saw a familiar face that i wished I would never see again but I was wrong, I ran out of nandos crying my heart out when harry came out and asked whats wrong I guess I couldent lie so now I had to tell him about ethan and last nights replay and what happend to the baby and how I slit my wrists oh will he break up with me or not?


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