soul mates forever

This is my first fan fic so no hate please.This story is a harry styles fan fic.He falls in love with a girl named Annalise who has had a bad realasonship in the past will she ever move on and most of all is harry being honest all the time like he promised read on to find out more.

B.T.W, I am only 9 years old so like i said no hate please. :)


2. How I Met Harry

Annalises P.O.V

I have to admit guys I have a huge crush on harry from 1d and now I am on my way to a 1D concert with my back stage pass with my best friends the only way that this could get better is if my friends would stop teasing me over my obsession for harry styles. I snapped out of my day dream when one of my best friends, emily said my name multiple times and waved her hand in front of my face when she saw that I had completly snapped out the only word she said was " Harry" i nodded and kyla and caitlin another of my best friends burst out laughing I tried to ignore it so i changed the topic "How long is it going to be now ?" i asked kyla who was driving "about 5 more minutes Mrs styles" kyla said laughing hystericly with the others at the last part. 'tease me all you want but when i'm harrys boyfried who will be laughing hmm ask me that, the answer is meee" I said with sarcasam "look we're here finally" I said hopping out of the car with a grin on my face running towards the building my friends following close behind.

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