Infectious Love

Struggling through the complexities of a dying relationship.


2. Lovers' Return

The delight of a love once gone,

Such hope returning quickly.

Pillow no longer cried upon.

Lover no longer sickly.


Is love forever won?

Shall it fall once more?

Will you call or shun?

Never am I sure.


Your lips, the home of mine.

A kiss, a breath of air.

Could it be of His design to part without a care?

Surely not!

For if we split without a thought,

What was love when love was there?

Simple compliments on eyes and hair?

My heart holds bits of so much more.

It longs for pieces had before.

To live a life beside the girl,

That blessed woman wrapped in pearl.


I now die deaths a thousand times,

Deaths stored into the form of rhymes.

An endless pouring of my soul.

A heart of diamond brings forth coal.

Devaluing of greatest worth.

Healthy mother gives still-birth.

Must these be my dying words,

as I long for months spent with blue birds?

Clearly, if we are meant to live,

Our hearts that take must learn to give.

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