My Old Bestfriend Harry Styles

Katherine Blue is this 16 year old girl who is bestfriends with Harry Styles. Cool right? Once they kissed everything changed between them. But as you know Harry is in a band called the White Eskimo, they had a performance at a wedding. He made up his mind and decided to go perform at the X Factor, leaving dear Katherine home alone in Holmes Chapel. He did felt sad for just leaving her, but she understood because if he came home just for her, she would feel selfish for keeping his dreams away from him. So she let him go. Months has passed no phone calls no messages from Harry. She felt like she lost her old bestfriend. She ignored seeing him on TV or the internet & realized she didn't care so much for him anymore. She made a new life without him. But one day she ran into her old bestfriend Harry Styles. What happens now? Read and you'll find out! ~ Cerra


1. Oh Harry

"Oh Harry what will i ever do without you. Thank you so much!!" i leaned in to hug my best bud in the world. "No problem love. I'm always here for you!" he said hugging me back. 

I realized that last night i missed my shift at the bakery, that's where Harry comes in. He covered my shift. So basically I'm trying to figure out how am i gonna repay him. Oh Harry. 

"Kat, I was wondering what happened?" he asked suspiciously. "Oh, i got a cold. Thats why i wasn't at school too." to be honest i did feel sick, too much work, it drives me CRAZY! But Harry understands me, that's why i love him so much! (Not like that) "WHAT?!" he shouted. "ouch, keep it down dummy! My family is still sleeping! & I'm okay, you don't need to worry." i said calmly. "No no no, how could i act calm when my bestfriend didn't tell me that she felt sick. Dude c'mon you should of told me you were sick!" He explained. "i know i know, but this is why i didn't tell you because i knew you would act exactly like this. sometimes your overprotective for me Harry." i sighed. "thats because i care bout you, your my best bud, i can't let anything happen to you!' he said while squeezing me. "okay whatever! Its 7:50 can we go?" i grabbed his hand then started shaking it. "yes c'mon then!" he grabbed my hand and we headed off to my car. Since I'm better and smarter than i already have my driving license and well Harry doesn't. "Uh excuse muah, I'm driving silly!" i pushed him lightly. "ugh, whatever!" he shouted like a girl. Then we headed off to school. 





~5th period~




i just got done with finishing my 4th period now I'm heading to lunch. On the way there i see Harry already kissin some girl. Oh Harry. To be honest Harry can be a player that's the side i hate about him. But you know Harry is my bestfriend i can't change him, in the end i would always be there for him. & so will he.

I walked passed him and just kept shaking my head at him, then i laughed which made him look up from her. He excused himself and smirked at me. I walked off quickly so he wouldn't catch me but instead i ran into another person. Olivia... The most dramatic person i could ever meet...



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