My Old Bestfriend Harry Styles

Katherine Blue is this 16 year old girl who is bestfriends with Harry Styles. Cool right? Once they kissed everything changed between them. But as you know Harry is in a band called the White Eskimo, they had a performance at a wedding. He made up his mind and decided to go perform at the X Factor, leaving dear Katherine home alone in Holmes Chapel. He did felt sad for just leaving her, but she understood because if he came home just for her, she would feel selfish for keeping his dreams away from him. So she let him go. Months has passed no phone calls no messages from Harry. She felt like she lost her old bestfriend. She ignored seeing him on TV or the internet & realized she didn't care so much for him anymore. She made a new life without him. But one day she ran into her old bestfriend Harry Styles. What happens now? Read and you'll find out! ~ Cerra


12. Interruptions

Finally the class was over, i don't know anybody except there's this guy who i always talk to, he was smart and hilarious. His name was Louis Tomlinson. He was the only guy i really talked to, he's like a Harry to me but way funnier. He's someone that sorta understands me. You might think i only hangout with guys all the time but it better that way. I'm not saying i can't hangout with girls, its because there's less drama with dudes. Until you start to like him.

The whole time in class my stomach was hurting so bad from all that laughing. We both stepped out the door holding both our stomachs and laughing are faces off. "Hahaha that was hilarious Lou!" we both laughed from the teachers "new" hair. Or shall i say wig. The fan was on while it was blowing the wig, it kept going up and  down. The whole class was weak. We walked to the tables while i asked him about Zayn's party. 

"so you goin to Zayn's party?" "Hell yeah, it wouldn't be a party if i'm not there!" he said while putting his hands on his hips. "Oh Lou, you are too much." i laughed. We walked seeing the guys, Zayn, Niall, Liam, Harry, and of course Olivia. I introduced Louis to everybody, he made alot of jokes with them. We were weak again. 

I got up and excused myself to go get an icee. I heard someone catch up with me. I turned around and saw Harry. "Hello." he smiled. "Hi, you gonna get an icee too?" I asked. "Uh no i just wanted to see how you were doing." he said walking beside me. "Oh i'm fine, isn't the evil blonde gonna be mad if your with me?" "Uh no? why would she, she knows that your my bestfriend Kat." he smirked. "oh okay." there it goes again, just a bestfriend. "Sooooo." it was a bit awkward, it was never awkward like this. I need to tell Harry how i really feel before Olivia keeps him as her slave. "Harry i need to tell you som-" "Harrrryy where have you been i've been looking for you." Olivia said with a squeaky voice. I hate her voice. "Sorry, but Kat what were you gonna say?" "Ummm nothing, i gotta go." i walked off quickly before he could catch up. I was so sad, heartbroken, i can't even have one second with my bestfriend without being interrupted by his stupid ass girlfriend. 

I went back to the table seeing Louis acting like a goof. "Hey Kattttt!" Louis said. Which led everyone say hi to me. "Heeeelllooo." i smiled. I wanted to hide my tears, but it was cutting it too close. I sat down by Zayn and put my head on his shoulder. "You okay love?" he asked while pushing my bangs gently to the side. "Oh nothing ." i sighed . "You sure? I can't see that pretty smile of yours." He smiled. "Aww you too sweet." i chuckled. 



Harry's P.O.V. 


"Harry, i need to tell you som-" Kat said. Then just when she was gonna explain something Olivia had to just interrupt her. I'm starting to get annoyed from her. Before anything happened i asked what Kat was gonna say , but she ran off. I wanted to run after her but Olivia would be pissed. I wanted to know what she was gonna say. I saw her walk back to the table seeing her fake smile. Then i saw her go sit by Zayn and put her head on his shoulder. Thats what made me feel mad because i should be doing that. I wanna hold her like i used to. I just want her. I have to break up with Olivia. I want Katherine Blue, she might be my bestfriend but in ways i see her more than that. 


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