My Old Bestfriend Harry Styles

Katherine Blue is this 16 year old girl who is bestfriends with Harry Styles. Cool right? Once they kissed everything changed between them. But as you know Harry is in a band called the White Eskimo, they had a performance at a wedding. He made up his mind and decided to go perform at the X Factor, leaving dear Katherine home alone in Holmes Chapel. He did felt sad for just leaving her, but she understood because if he came home just for her, she would feel selfish for keeping his dreams away from him. So she let him go. Months has passed no phone calls no messages from Harry. She felt like she lost her old bestfriend. She ignored seeing him on TV or the internet & realized she didn't care so much for him anymore. She made a new life without him. But one day she ran into her old bestfriend Harry Styles. What happens now? Read and you'll find out! ~ Cerra


19. Breakfast With Niall Horan

Harry's P.O.V.


I woke up seeing the most precious girl that i cared about but who was also still sleeping. She looked so cute sleeping, she looked so calm & peaceful. I watched her sleep, i know it sounds creepy but it was hard not look at her until she moved closer to my chest. I thought about how much i really do care for her, i wanted to be with her forever. I really mean that, from last night at the bakery changed everything between us. I felt like it was the right choice i kissed her but the thing is if i kissed her what did that make us. It wasn't just bestfriends anymore i knew it was more than that, she knew that too. I had the feeling that i should step my game up and ask her out but when? I needed a plan, a plan where everything is romantic then I'll ask her. I thought about it and had the perfect place to do it. Then again i stopped talking to myself in my head and went back to her, I moved a piece of her hair out of her face which made her awake. 

She opened her eyes slowly but when it was finally open i could finally see her beautiful brown eyes sparkle from the sunlight hitting against it. I smiled, "Good morning love." "Morning." she smiled and sat up correctly to stretch her arms. She yawned, which made me yawn too. I looked at my iphone and saw it was 9:40 a.m! I forgot that i have to practice with my band (The White Eskimos) for the wedding performance tomorrow!! "Shit! Katherine remember i had to go practice with the band today! I gotta go, im sorry babe." "Oh crap, hurry up then!" she laughed and pushed me lightly off the bed. I stood from the bed and went to her side of the bed and kissed her cheek. "I'll see you after okay?" I smiled and in reply she said, "okaay goodluck byee!" she yelled when i went out through her door but then i backed up and turned my head and asked, "Wait, your going to the wedding performance right?" i asked nervously. "Why would you ask such a stupid question Harry, of course i'm going silly! Now go before i get you in trouble!" she laughed and i headed out the door once again. 



Kat's P.O.V.


Once Harry left i simply was bored. I went and washed up, did my normal routine and i went back to grab my phone seeing i got a few messages from Niall & Zayn. I looked at Niall's first since i didn't want to see Zayn had to say just yet.

Niall: Heeey! Wanna grab something to eat:P?" 

I smiled at it because that boy would eat anything whenever but was still skinny, i was jealous. Then i looked at Zayn's message.


Zayn: Hey babe can we talk about last night? x"


I stared down at it and didn't respond, I just thought i will talk about it on Monday with him because i was actually starving and went to go back to Niall's message and replied back to him. 


Me: Sureeee!!! Where shall we go?(: " I instantly got a fast reply back, wow that boy must be hungry.


Niall: uhhhhhh Starbucks! but is there a Nandos here?" 

Me: Okie dokie, and i'm pretty sure theres no Nandos here Niall. lol/: sorrrryyy!"

Niall: It okay, well see you in 10 byeeeee!"

Me: Okaaay buh byee!!



I went to grab my purse and drove to starbucks. I arrived seeing Niall waiting for me, his hands in pockets basically he was a bit jumpy already. Did he already have coffee? I parked my car and walked up to Niall. He waved, "Goodmorning Kat!!!" He said with his accent. "Hi silly, why you all jumpy this morning?" i asked laughing. "Well i'm hungry! & well thirsty." he said while we both walked inside. It was a bit chilly, but thats normal for me, i don't think for Niall though he moved from Ireland. I saw his cheeks red. 

We ordered some coffee and sat down. We talked about ourselves and got to know about each other and why he moved here. He said that he came here because he was trying out for the X Factor. I was amused that he sings but then it reminded me of Harry because he kept talking about auditioning for it and of course i said go but a part of me said stay with me but i couldn't do that to him. I couldn't keep him away from him achieving his dreams. I bet he will do it though. But then i asked Niall what he was gonna sing, he said 'So Sick' by NeYo. I liked that song, it was cool to listen too. Meanwhile we had a blast about talking about ourselves and got pretty close friends that day.

I got a vibration in my pocket seeing it was from Harry saying if i wanted to stop by. I replied and said sure. I told Niall that i was gonna meet up with him but then i asked if he wanted to go check it out with me. "Sureee! Got nothing else to do." he smiled showing his adorable crooked teeth. Then we were off to see the awesome band.


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