My Old Bestfriend Harry Styles

Katherine Blue is this 16 year old girl who is bestfriends with Harry Styles. Cool right? Once they kissed everything changed between them. But as you know Harry is in a band called the White Eskimo, they had a performance at a wedding. He made up his mind and decided to go perform at the X Factor, leaving dear Katherine home alone in Holmes Chapel. He did felt sad for just leaving her, but she understood because if he came home just for her, she would feel selfish for keeping his dreams away from him. So she let him go. Months has passed no phone calls no messages from Harry. She felt like she lost her old bestfriend. She ignored seeing him on TV or the internet & realized she didn't care so much for him anymore. She made a new life without him. But one day she ran into her old bestfriend Harry Styles. What happens now? Read and you'll find out! ~ Cerra


6. A Little Bit of Jealousy

Harry's P.O.V.

"Oh and bye Harry." Kat said while walking off. I was confused? What was wrong with her. I overheard her conversation with that new kid, Zayn. She whispered something in his ear like "Thanks for hanging out with me" something like that. 

I realized that i didn't hangout with Kat, but she probably understood because I was hanging out with Olivia , wait oh thats probably why. I think she's was mad because we didn't hangout at lunch. I did feel bad for just leaving her but she had Zayn , right? 

Anyways Kat seemed to enjoy lunch since she was hanging out with new people. I saw her with some people at the bench and I'm guessing i was spying on her while talking to Olivia. But what if something happens to Kat, i would be scared for her. She was my bestfriend after all right? But she seemed to be angry with me since she just walked off when i came towards her. What was up with that?

When i was "spying" on her i saw that high school jock, Liam take her hand thats when I flipped. I felt my face turn red, I usually don't do this but once i saw someone touch Kat i got mad for some reason. Weird. You can say i was kinda overprotective for her. That's when i just had to see what was going on but Olivia kept talking, i sort of ignored for the moment. After a few minutes I looked up and didn't see Kat until she was walking back to another bench with Zayn. I still felt mad because of that, why am i feeling this way? Am I jealous? That can't be, Katherine is my bestfriend, not my crush. I always did have a little 'crush' on her but that was back then what did i feel for her now?



Katherine's P.O.V

I walked off like there was nothing to be mad about. I was sorta mad at Harry because he forgot about us hanging out, it was like our little tradition. He broke it. It was just all about Olivia in his mind now. But i don't want to disappoint him as being his best bud. 

I walked to my last period, History. Boring. I went to sit in the back of the classroom like i always do. Then i realize that Harry's in this class too so we're gonna end up talking about what happened at lunch.

He came in panting, why was he running?

"Kat what happened back there?" He said trying to catch his breath. "Umm-" just in time Zayn came in with his schedule. I smiled because he broke the awkwardness between me and Harry, i didn't want to explain it to him yet.

"Hey Kat!" Zayn said while coming to sit by me and just let Harry standing there in front of us. "Hiya!" i smiled.

I saw Harry go away to another seat and leaving me with Zayn, he looked back at us with a sad face. I felt bad for not explaining but i just can't he broke our tradition. 

When i looked back at him he was already looking at me well Zayn sort of. Why was he mad, he should be happy for me for making  new friends right? I always thought when i with some other dude he would always be overprotective or maybe he's a bit jealous?

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