My Old Bestfriend Harry Styles

Katherine Blue is this 16 year old girl who is bestfriends with Harry Styles. Cool right? Once they kissed everything changed between them. But as you know Harry is in a band called the White Eskimo, they had a performance at a wedding. He made up his mind and decided to go perform at the X Factor, leaving dear Katherine home alone in Holmes Chapel. He did felt sad for just leaving her, but she understood because if he came home just for her, she would feel selfish for keeping his dreams away from him. So she let him go. Months has passed no phone calls no messages from Harry. She felt like she lost her old bestfriend. She ignored seeing him on TV or the internet & realized she didn't care so much for him anymore. She made a new life without him. But one day she ran into her old bestfriend Harry Styles. What happens now? Read and you'll find out! ~ Cerra


17. A Late Night Snack

Kat's P.O.V.


He kissed me? Did my bestfriend just kiss me? I did not see that coming, is this what he was gonna do when we were about to talk at the party? Oh gosh, i felt like pushing him off but then i felt my lips move along with his. Don't get me wrong i did like it like REALLY liked it. 

"Um. Well." i stuttered. "Kat i'm sorry but i just couldn't help think that you were only seen as my bestfriend, i finally realized that you were more than that. Since the day we met each other. I knew you were the one." Harry said with a short smile across his face. I knew he was telling the truth i saw it through his eyes. We were just standing looking at each other, nothing coming out of our mouths. I looked down but i felt like he was trying to find my eyes. I looked up and saw him already staring. I smiled, he took my hand and said, "I wanna show you something." he smiled and took me to the kitchen in the bakery.

"Aren't we gonna get in trouble?" i asked. "Hush." he laughed. "Whatever." i saw him take out something. "I wanna share you my other masterpiece i've been working on but i wanted to show you first so close your eyes." he demanded, i obeyed and closed it. He told me to open my mouth, i did while he put a spoon in my mouth. On that spoon was perfection, i wanted more of it. "Oh my gosh Harry!! Thats delicious!! mmm." I smiled. "What is it called?" "Ummm 'The Fantastique Moment' '' he said trying to French. "Why is it called that?" i asked curiously. "Well i just made that up but the real reason is that since you tried it an you think its delicious i feel like this is 'Fantastique Moment'." He laughed. I blushed and tried to hide my cheeks. His face was all cheeky, i giggled. I always loved his dimples.

We devoured up his 'masterpiece' together, we ended up sitting on the ground rubbing our stomachs. I looked at him laughing so hard because he had some whip cream on the bottom of his lip.

"What so funny?" he asked suspiciously . "Umm nothing." i said trying not smile. I crawled next to him with a handful of whip cream in my left hand. "But there is something on your face!" i said throwing the whip cream on his face . "Kat!!! I'm gonna kill you!!!" he said laughing trying to wipe it off. Some of it landed on his precious curls, I ran across the other side of the counter. He ran after me filled with cake in his hands. "Harry you better not!!!" i said yelling with laughter in it. ''Too late!!" he said throwing the cake on the left side of my face. ''Your such a jerk!" i said laughing. I jumped on the counter wiping my face off with some napkin. "Sorry babe but i always get my revenge." He smirked. I scoffed. He came closer to my legs and set his elbows on my knees. "Lemme do that for you." he whispered suddectedly. If he wants to play like this then game on. I raised my eyebrow and lended him the napkin. He took it and came close to my face. He smiled, i looked down but he slightly pulled my chin up slowly. He leaned in closer to my lips. But before he could land those pretty lil lips on mine i twisted around and landed on the opposite side of the counter again. I smirked at him. "Whoops, im guessing you missed." i smiled at him while he came around to come and hold me. "Sassy. I like it." he smiled. "You already knew that i was sassy." i said tugging him closer to me. "True." He laughed. "Shut up & just kiss me." He put his hands around my waist and firmly pulled me into him with his lips landing on mine. 


Author's Note


I know this chapter is short but it suppose to be but i will post more later!!! Thanks for reading!! I really hope you guys like it so far but anyways THANK YOU!! ~ Cerra

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