His ocean blue eyes

Mary-kate(or kate)liam paynes little sister is going to a high school with liam but liam never told her that he told some of his friends about her,kate meets her best friend lily and her enemy paige but there is a blonde haired cutie who fills her heart with love.


1. Are you ready for the first day of high school

Mary-Kate's P.O.V

I wake up to my alarm clock,i get up take a 5 min shower,and get dressed."I smell bacon.."i groan i run down stairs i go in the kitchen and see Liam wearing moms old apron i laugh,grab a plate and get pancakes and bacon "thanks Liam."i say with a mouth full of food "chew your food piggy!"he laughs "shut up!"i say "finsh eating we are almost late for school!"he says alittle fast "ok jeez." I say sarcastically " ill go start the car."Liam walked away saying,sometimes i think he loves tha car more than me.I finish eating and get my stuff,i walk out the door to the car.Liam opens the door for me , Then he then gets in,"Ready for the first day of high school?" Liam asked "Yeah i guess ..." I answer back.
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