A Dream Or Nightmare?

Abby is an average teenage girl until her mom helps her live her dream of becoming a singer. Taking on homeschooling, and a new job? Opening for One Direction and falling in love? Sound pretty sweet to me! Meet Brittany, Jakolbia, and Brie as they, too, fall in love. But what came after love, is far darker then ever before.. The Ex's...


3. WHAT!?!?

Harry and I sit there for what feels like hours talking about the most random of things. Laughing, we slowly stand up. I had to get home, my mom is going to wonder why I was out for so long. "I really have to go home, but it was amazing talking to you! You really made a bad day better!" I say, smiling. "Yeah, I have to go, too. The lads are going to wonder where I've been. Is it crazy if I ask for your number?" Wow, that British accent! "It would be absolutely insane! You're lucky I am!" I say, as I give him my number. He takes my phone, and adds his number and contact. He takes a quick picture, and uses it. "There! So you remember which Harry it is!" I giggle, "Lucky for you, I don't know very many 'Harry's'." "Good! Because that would just be awkward!" He says, chuckling slightly. I do the same. We say our good byes, and I finally head home.
My house was only a few blocks away, so it wasn't too long before I finally arrived. My mom had just gotten off the phone. Man, was it really 5 pm?! My mom rushes over to my almost tacking me. The look on her face was priceless. She was basically jumping up and down. "Mom?" " YOU ARE GOING TO BE AN OPENING ACT FOR ONE DIRECTION'S TOUR!!!" Wait, ONE DIRECTION!?! Oh my gosh.. Harry... As in.... STYLES?!?!? I WAS JUST TALKING TO HARRY STYLES!?! AND I'M OPENING ACT FOR ONE DIRECTION!?!? What just happened!?!?
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