A Dream Or Nightmare?

Abby is an average teenage girl until her mom helps her live her dream of becoming a singer. Taking on homeschooling, and a new job? Opening for One Direction and falling in love? Sound pretty sweet to me! Meet Brittany, Jakolbia, and Brie as they, too, fall in love. But what came after love, is far darker then ever before.. The Ex's...


4. New Life.

I am in the lobby of a hotel. And should I say, a snazzy one at that. Huge chandlers delicately hang from the ceiling, accompanied by a small band of violins, bases, flutes, and a piano play a soft relaxing melody. This was beautiful. I suddenly see 5 boys and a tall man arrive in the lobby. I had texted Harry I was here 5 minutes ago. 'Wow, they're fast!' I thought. I stood from my comfy arm chair, gracefully walking toward them.
Paul, the tall man with the boys, offered his hand, and I shook it, almost loosing my hand in his. Harry's expression changed when he saw me. At first, he looked like he was searching for something. Now he had his cheeky smile plastered on his handsome face. His eyes grew wide when he saw what I was wearing.
I wore a dainty blue t-shirt dress, above the knee. My hair was down, curly, and swept to the side. My nails were painted neon orange, one of my favorite colors. And I wore cute neon orange ballet flats to complete my outfit.
I introduced myself to the other four boys, who seemed just as delighted to meet me. Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn knew my work. I had posted a few video covers on YouTube, and they claim to have seen all of them. I was a bit shocked to hear this, but I didn't know I had my mouth open. Harry lifted my chin to close my mouth in a smooth gesture. I looked up, rolled my eyes, and smiled.
We decided to go over the tour bus arrangements. I was allowed to be accompanied by 3 other people (my friends of course!) . And they're parents as well as my mom, would travel by plane to all the concerts. Already, I knew who I would take with me.
Brittany is an average hight, brown haired- brown eyed child who is extremely outgoing. She can change your mood for upset to overjoyed in a matter of minutes.
Gabrielle (Brie) has natural curly hair, and bright blue eyes. Her and I have been best friends since 4th grade, and her and I understand each other more than we do.
Jakolbia is the life of the gang. She gets us all to see the bright side of any matter. She has black hair, and brown eyes. She' African American, and we all love her dearly.
I learned that we all will be staying on the same tour bus, the girls, boys, and I. We will start the tour in weeks. They have tutors for the girls and I since we are still 17. And the girls and their parents will fly up to New York in a couple days. I was overjoyed! I couldn't wait to see them!
I was ready to set myself up for this new lifestyle. This was my new life! :)
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