A Dream Or Nightmare?

Abby is an average teenage girl until her mom helps her live her dream of becoming a singer. Taking on homeschooling, and a new job? Opening for One Direction and falling in love? Sound pretty sweet to me! Meet Brittany, Jakolbia, and Brie as they, too, fall in love. But what came after love, is far darker then ever before.. The Ex's...


25. Is it too Late to Apologize?

                 Eleanor's POV: "Dang it!" I started, slamming my phone shut. "We lost Perrie!" "Well, that just won't do, will it!?" Danielle said, getting up from her chair. "What are we going to do?! We needed her! Now we mine as well be finished!" I screamed at her. "Oh, we are only beginning!" She said as she was plastering an evil grin onto her face. "What are we going to do, then!?" I asked, preparing to flinch at the answer.. I am actually really sorry for Brittany.. I know she did nothing to me to cause this... And Abby didn't need to get injured as badly as she did.. This is getting really out of hand.. None of this was intended to happen.. Danielle just really started taking all of this revenge stuff to a whole other step.. And I think she was about to climb the rest of the stair case... She was still standing in front of me, tapping her finger tips mischievously. "You'll see.." Oh crap... 

                 Harry's POV: Abby, Jakolbia, and someone else walked back into the hotel rooms. I smile at Abby. I have her back, and I am not going to spend one second away from her. I almost lost her! Can you blame me? I really love her. I know, I know... the whole,'You're too young to know what love is'. Well, listen, this is real... You know that feeling you get when you are about to get on stage? Well if not, when you hear all those people in the crowd cheering and chanting your name, you get this lurch in your stomach, but in a really good way! The point is, every time Abby walks into the room, I get that feeling. I just want to rush up to her and spin her in the air. She's my light! She's my sun!  She's the love of my life.. I couldn't live without her! I need her.. I need to protect her. 

               Abby walks right into my arms, and spins around to face the same way as I was. I held out my hand to meet Abby's new friend when all the sudden, the hair and the eyes were way too familiar.. I spin Abby behind me, and I stepped in front of her. "Get out of here! Now!" I spat, fury pumping in my veins. "Don't worry! She's on our side! She came to apologize for everything. She is safe now, Haz!" Abby shouted from behind me. I turned around to face her, and looked deep into her eyes. Man, were they beautiful. "Are you sure?" "Yes, Harry, trust me." She said, looking deeply back into mine. I turned back around to face Perrie. Then the other lads and lasses came out of their rooms. "What's the ruccess?" Niall said quite sleepily. He looked up and saw Perrie. He then went from sleepy to a weird ninja, chopping the air and lifting his leg. "What is she doing her!?" He said. Abby let out a small giggle, causing me to smile. "It's alright, Niall, just hear her out!" Abby said. Perrie looked down at the ground shamefully, then back into the eyes of Zayn, whose eyes were scrunched up in anger. "Guys, I am so sorry. For the whole Abby thing, for the fights I started, and just.. well... for everything... If I could take it all back I would.. I was jealous and stupid.. There is no success in violence. I failed to see that.. I understand if you don't forgive me... All I want is to be friends.. I get it if I blew it.." She finished. She was turning on her toes when  Brittany stopped her, gently gripping her arm. "Perrie.. Wait.. I forgive you. Friends?" Britt said, opening her arms for a hug. A smile of pure happiness followed by tears of joy appeared on her face. Abby slipped out from behind me and joined them, as well as Brie and Jakolbia. The lads and I looked at one another, and joined in on the mega group hug. We all laughed, and joked for the rest of the night. 

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