A Dream Or Nightmare?

Abby is an average teenage girl until her mom helps her live her dream of becoming a singer. Taking on homeschooling, and a new job? Opening for One Direction and falling in love? Sound pretty sweet to me! Meet Brittany, Jakolbia, and Brie as they, too, fall in love. But what came after love, is far darker then ever before.. The Ex's...


2. Hi!

Tears were streaming down my face, non-stop. I realized that Ryan and I's relationship was going no where anyways. Why am I crying? Oh yeah, he cheated on me. I don't blain him, I didn't love him like I should've.
I stood up, not knowing someone was walking past, and the persons drink spilled all over my shins. The singeing pain of the hot latte slowly sank down to my ankles. Quickly, saving my boots, I took off my shoes. My neon orange socks were now exposed. The hot latte now grew extremely cold. I shiver, then finally look up at the owner. This eyes pierced mine with worry and and surprise. I caught myself gazing. "OH MY GOSH! I AM SO SORRY!!" He said. He looked really familiar. I smiled, even though I was in mental and physical pain. "It's alright." I manage to say. I turn away, with my frappe in hand just a little too quickly. My hand had lost the grip I had on the frappe, soon meshing all over his grey v- neck. Oh crap.
"HOLY CRAP! I am really sorry! That was NOT on purpose, I swear!!" I say, letting out a small giggle. He looks down at his shirt, and busts out laughing. Unable to hold it in, I do the same. We stand there laughing like crazy, everyone staring at us as if we match the description. Finally catching his breath, he says," Hi, I'm Harry." He had the cutest smile. "Abby." I state, with a smile. Well, Abby, would you like me to buy you a new coffee, since, your old one is on my shirt?" "Does that mean I can buy you a new latte, since it's on my jeans?" I was, cheekily. "Deal." He says, with a huge smile. Wow, what a first impression! Haha :)
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