A Dream Or Nightmare?

Abby is an average teenage girl until her mom helps her live her dream of becoming a singer. Taking on homeschooling, and a new job? Opening for One Direction and falling in love? Sound pretty sweet to me! Meet Brittany, Jakolbia, and Brie as they, too, fall in love. But what came after love, is far darker then ever before.. The Ex's...


15. Ex's and Oh's.

        Brittany's POV:  Louis took me out to a cute little Italian restaurant that is cousin owned. Since it was around lunch time, there were a few people there. We walked up to the receptionist, who seemed to know who Louis was. "A table, Mr. Tomlinson?" she said, with a perky posture. "Yes, for 2." he said with a flirty smile. 'Um, am I missing something here?' I thought to myself. The waitress then fluttered her eyelashes, picked up our menus, and led us to the table. Louis gracefully slipped behind me and pulled out my chair. I smiled at him and sat down, allowing him to tuck my chair back in. A male waiter approaches us," What would you like to drink?" He asks, after clearing his throat. "Iced tea, please." I said. "Pepsi." Louis says, instantly glaring at the waiter. "What's your problem?" I say, noticing how rude he was acting. The waiter walked away. "He was staring at you." Louis said. I glanced at him, then at the cups that were set in front of me. "Thank you." I said with out looking up. "Yeah, thank y-" Louis started, but stopped suddenly. His jaw was dropped. I turned to who I thought was the waitress, but boy was I wrong. It was her.. and I am sure she was not pleased.. Eleanor... Louis stood up, and grabbed her wrist, rather harshly. "Get out of here! You broke up with me, remember!?!" 'I thought he ended things with her!?!?!' I thought. "But- I miss you, baby! I want you back! I want to go shopping with you, and out to eat, and to your shows-" You only wanted me for my money and fame!?!? That's it! Get out of here, now!" Louis said, almost on the verge of tears. "But-" "NO! GET OUT!" He shouts, before he runs for the bathroom. He was crying now.. I stand up, almost in tears to see him crying. "This is your fault! Lou and I were happy, then you had to parade in his life and take him away! Thanks to you, I am the most hated girl in the world!" Eleanor shouts, raising her hand to slap me. But before she could strike me, a hand reached out of the corner on my eye and gripped her wrist. "Lay a hand on her, and you'll loose yours." She said. Abby. She must have come here with Harry as part of Louis surprise. It was supposed to be a double date. "And who is going to stop me? You? Please! I have eaten shrimp more meatier than you!" " And I have puked up things that wouldn't even compare to you! I suggest you leave before I make an El- Special. It involves me handing you your tush. Now scram!" She fires back. "Nice, Brittany, you have body guards that fight your battles for you?" "No," I say," I have friends, something you couldn't earn if you paid the world." At that, she rolled her eyes, and strut out of there. "Boy, I otta-" Abby started. "Don't, she's not worth it." I said, then turned to the bathroom. I need to see Lou. I found him outside on a bench, crying into his hands. It was raining. I Sat next to him, then explained what had happened. He stood up, pulling me up as well. He leaned in, and kissed me. Very passionately. "Thank you." He said, smiling down at me. "No, thank you." I said, smiling back.

Jakolbia's POV: Zayn had returned me home after our date. He leaned in, about to kiss me. "No, I want to wait for this to be perfect." I said, smiling deviously. "This was our first date? What can be more special about  that?" Zayn says, smiling back. "You'll see." I said. Then we said our goodbyes, then I left. I walked through the front door, than sighed. This day was amazing! I walked up stairs, and saw Brie, Brittany, and Abby getting ready to go somewhere. "Where ya' headed." I said, plopping myself on Abby's bed. "The mall. I was going to call and ask if you wanted to join, but I didn't want to ruin your date with Zayn." Abby said, winking and elbowing me with her cheeky smile. "I'll be ready in 2 minutes. Wait for me?" "Of course!" Brittany butted in, applying some lipstick. I ran into the bathroom, and refreshed my make up, and fixed my clothes and hair. I then ran back out and grabbed my purse and phone. "Ready!" I yelled to the other girls down stairs. I hopped down the stairs, and walked with them out the door. Abby unlocked her car, and we all hopped in. When we arrived at the mall, we were so excited. It was HUGE! We started at Juicey Cature, then made our way to Gucci. In a less well known shop, there were cute black tie dresses that were perfect for premiers.I was flipping though a clothes rack. I saw this gorgeous dress I instantly fell in love with. It was a cute white strapless dress that came above the knee. It had hand stitched flowers all other it. I picked it up to check the price and size, but something was pulling it back. I yanked harder, but the force on the other side only pulled even harder. Determined to win the dress, I pulled with all my strength, causing a girl to fly through the rack and body slam me. Pealing myself from the floor, I looked at my component that I had defeated. Perrie? What was she doing here? I offered my hand to help her up, but she stared at it in disgust. "Why? Why couldn't you just let go of the dress?" She said, looking up at me in pure hatred. "Listen, I'm really sorr-" "Apology not accepted. First you steel my boyfriend and now a dress? No, now it has ended!" At that, she attacked my feet causing me to fall over. She was now on her knees on top of me, slapping away at my face. I was now mad. I grabbed her hands, moved them all into on hand, and punched her perky mouth. Having the advantage of her being stunned, I switched the positions, and was now on her pulling her hair. She then balled her hand into a fist, freely punching my face. Fists were thrown, and faces were hit. Brittany pulled me off her, and Abby got Perrie. "Do us all a favor, and leave!" Abby shouted at her. "Please! I would like to see you having your boyfriend taken away! See how you like it!" She shouted back. "Harry loves me enough to stay faithful to me!" "Haha! We'll see!" I was struggling to get out of Brittany's grasp, but it was too strong. At that. Perrie left. I looked in the mirror beside me. My face was dripping blood. We all piled into Abby's car, and she drove us to the hospital. The doctor patched me up , and said," You're lucky! You were on the edge of loosing too much blood. Your friends got you here in time! Here are your pain killers. I suggest you start taking them tomorrow. You girls look like you have been under too much stress! Go out! Party! But as a doctor, you didn't hear it for me." She said. She was really cool. We left after we got my prescription. "You know, that doctor was right. We need to go out, and enjoy some partying.. We are way too uptight." Brie said. " Yeah. Maybe we can get the boys to bring us to a privet club! That would be so much fun!" Brittany said. "Text them! See what they think." Abby said, still looking at the road. Who knows... Maybe this can be fun!

Perrie's POV: Who does that chick think she is!? She thinks she is all that because she is dating Harry Styles! Please! Eleanor and I both have slept with him! He is better off with someone with more experience. But that twit was right about one thing, he is loyal to his girlfriend.. But if we can get him drunk enough... "Eleanor! I have an Idea!" Eleanor and I have been planning a way to get rid of Brittany and Jakolbia's little "crew leader", Abby. She is always there to protect her friends..  We need to get rid of her, so we can leave the three of them defenseless! Danielle was waiting for her opportunity to pounce on Brie and Liam. She wanted him back for the same reason we want our guys back.. Together, we were the three most-wanted-to-be girls in the world. And it was so easy! We basically had them feeding out the palm of our hands.. We had the money, fame... Power... And we want it back.... Danielle was our secret weapon to destroy the girls once and for all. But for now, Eleanor and I just want to toy with them.. Mess with their heads... "What do you want to do?" Eleanor said, mischievously. "We can go to the privet club, and get Harry drunk.. He'll be all over us!" I say, returning her evil grin. This is going to be fun.. 

Abby's POV: "They said that it's a great idea. They got us a hotel so we can have a place to hang out." Brie says excitedly. We pack a couple clothes, make up, and other stuff. Brittany, Brie, and Jakolbia pack cute dresses and each a pair of heels. "Abby? Why aren't you packing a dress?" Brittany asks, worried. "II think I'll stay at the hotel. I don't feel like going out and drinking.. Is that ok?" I ask. "Yeah! We'll miss you though. What about Harry?" Jakolbia asks. I had been thinking about what Perrie said.. I want him to go out and enjoy himself with his friends. I feel like I've been too clingy.. I'm not going to make something she said into a big deal. "He'll be fine. I want you all to have fun! Enjoy yourselves.. I just need a quick break." I said, trying not to reveal my real thoughts. "Alright. Are you sure you'll be ok?" Brie asks one last time. "Positive! Now let's get to the hotel!" I say, in an excited voice. We all grab our bags, and head to my car. We arrive at the hotel the boys were at, getting in the elevator, now standing at the door. Brie knocks, and Liam answered. "You guys ready to party!?!?" He asked, happily. "Yes!" The girls said in unison. "Abby's going to stay in, is that ok?" Brie asks. "Yeah! Niall is staying, too. Come in! We have to get ready!!" He said, gesturing us in. The hotel was more like an apartment. I think we were in the penthouse sweet! I walked into Harry's room while Liam told the girls where they will be sleeping. I was staying in Harry's room with Harry, Brittany in Lou's with Louis, Brie in Liam's with Liam, and Jakolbia with Zayn. I  walked into my room, expecting to see Harry. I walked in more to investigate where my boyfriend had gone. Then a wet, towel less Harry walked out of the bathroom that was connected to the bedroom. "Louis- let me know when Abby arriv-" He stopped and I shouted," I'm here! For goodness sake, I am here! Now can you tame that thing!!" I shout in between giggles. "OH MY GOSH! Babe, I am so sorry!" At that he rushed back into the bathroom to grab a towel. I dove onto the bed face first, landing on a pillow. I took the pillow in both hands, and screamed into it. I removed the pillow from my face and started laughing. Harry joined me on the bed and laughed as well. He was fully clothed, and holding me in his arms. "Sorry you had to see me like that." He said, releasing his last chuckle. "It's ok!" I said, cheekly smiling. He leaned in and kissed me. "So are you ready to have fun tonight!?" He said, excitedly. "I'm going to stay here. I don't feel to good, you know? I just need sometime to relax." "I can stay here with you if you lik-" "No! Go out, and have fun with your friends! I'll be fine! Niall will surely feed me! Go! HAve fun! I'll see you when you get home." I smiled, then winked. "Ok... But it won't be the same without you. I'll miss you!" He said, using a puppy face. "Haha, I know!" I laughed." But you'll have fun! I love you, bye!" I said, pushing him out the door. "Love you, babe. I'll text you." He said, turning around to face me. He kissed me passionately, then left with the other's out the door. Finally, some me time... And, Niall?

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