A Dream Or Nightmare?

Abby is an average teenage girl until her mom helps her live her dream of becoming a singer. Taking on homeschooling, and a new job? Opening for One Direction and falling in love? Sound pretty sweet to me! Meet Brittany, Jakolbia, and Brie as they, too, fall in love. But what came after love, is far darker then ever before.. The Ex's...


6. Airport.

Today was the day the girls would arrive. I woke up to my alarm on my phone, which was blasting Allstarweekend's "Different Side of Me". I hoped up, took a shower, and got dressed in my cute light washed skinny jeans, and a floral top with a pink, purple, and white color patten with grey ankle boots. I put on lip gloss, mascara, and a little blush, than allowed my hair to naturally fall in curls, then swept my bangs to the side. My green eyes seemed to pop today, so I didn't want to wear too much make up.
The girls and I have been huge One Direction fans since forever. I haven't quiet yet told them who I was opening for on tour. Their parents and I had agreed to surprise them with that piece of information.
The boys really wanted to meet them, since they will be living with them for a couple months. I warned them that they might freak out when they see me with One Direction, but they said they can handle it... What a funny joke!? Haha
Harry wanted to pick me up, and take me to the airport, after we argued about me not just taking my car, I finally gave in. They had a limo parked in my drive way, and they walked up to my front door. After Louis rang the doorbell about a hundred times, I opened the door.
"I thought you said we were going to the airport unnoticed?!" I said, looking at the limo, and back at Harry. He smiled, saying,"I thought the girls deserved a hot ride!" 'Haha, this boy' I thought, smiling.
We slid into the limo, Harry opening my door for me, and we were off.

Abby: text me when you get off the plane. I have a surprise for you!
Brittany: we just landed, we should stop in about 15 min.
Abby: kk, I can't wait!!
Brittany: Me neither!! See you soon!!!

We finally arrived, and the boys and I slid out for the limo, as I made a dash for the airport lobby. The boys somehow got us past security, and I made my way to the gate the girls were at.
And then, I saw them, but they were still looking for me. So, I slowly hid behind them. The boys were signing autographs, and taking pictures with fans. The girls saw them, and started fan- girling. I was still hidden, laughing silently so I would give myself away.

Brittany's POV: "Where is she!?! She said she would be here!!" Jakolbia said, a bit annoyed. " she'll be here soon, just keep an eye out for her." I said, trying my best to sound reassuring. Truth is, I was freaking out. I really miss Abby! I haven't seen her is forever, and I have so much to tell her! The boy I liked at school turned out to be a huge jerk. I needed her take on him, I needed my best friend!
All the sudden, I heard Brie gasp. I didn't really know Brie, she was always Abby's friend. Jakolbia, Abby, and I had always been the three Musketeers. Brie was from a town over. Abby and her meet through Girl Scouts, where her mom and Brie's were the head scout leaders. Abby was the head scout, and Brie and her got along really well. But they were like complete opposites!
I guess that's how they're so close.
Jakolbia started to gasp too, then grabbed my arm, and started jumping up and down. I gave a weird smile, licked my fingers and ran them along my eyebrows, trying t be funny. "What is it?! Hot guy?!?" I say, in my weird voice.
"ONE DIRECTION!!!!!" She screams. I laugh uncontrollably. Abby and her are the two sassy ones of us. Brie was pretty quiet, so I guess she was a Liam fan. I was a huge Louis fan. I have always wanted to meet him in person, but figured he would like girls who weren't as weird as me. But, hey! His loss! Haha.
Jakolbia almost fainted at the sight of them. I THOUGHT SHEWAS JOKING!! There they are! Staring at Jakolbia like she was insane! Louis stared at me kinda weird. I quickly ran my fingers through my hair, I case there was a bug or something. Nope, no bug.
All the sudden, I felt something pinch my back. I reacted in a strange dance, then turned around, shouting," HEY! Why did you do tha-" and there she stood, with the hugest grin.
The girls turned around to see who I was fussing at. "ABBBYYYY!!!!!" We all scream, hugging her to death. "Yupp, it's really me!! Now can you release me before I die of suffocation!?!" She yelled, laughing.
"SORRY!" We all said in unison, laughing as well. All the sudden, Abby had a hand around her waist, and I had on around my shoulder. "Abby! Don't panic, but Harry Styles is holding your waist!?!" Jakolbia shouted, in hysteria. Abby, Brie, and I laughed. "Anyone here like carets!?!?" The guy with his arm around my shoulders shouted. "I LOVE CARROTS!!!!" I shout almost instantly. "Well, hello there, Carrot Princess!" I know that voice! LOUIS TOMLINSON!?!? "Hello there, Pigeon Prince!" I said, laughing, and using the same voice he used. Him and I had a good laugh at that.
I stopped. "Abby.. Are we touring with One Direction?" I said, shocked. She released her stare into Harry's eyes, and said with a smile," YESSS!?!?" The girls and I screamed, and Abby just laughed. This is a dream come true!?! I have always wanted to meet them!
Liam and Brie were in a deep conversation, as well as Abby, Harry, and Niall, and Jakolbia and Zayn. Wow! This is really happening!?! All of us with our dream guys!?! But, why was Abby with Harry? She likes Niall? Maybe she fell deep in love with those eyes. Abby is a sucker for eyes. So am I. Louis were beautiful! And mine are.... Blah... Idk... But somehow, Louis couldn't take his eyes off them.

Niall's POV: Abby was perfect! She was beautiful, and funny, and she sings amazingly. But Harry likes her too. A lot... But I like her a lot, as well! I will make her mine. I'll just have to wait a little longer...

Harry's POV: She's beautiful! I think I might love her. I know I've said that before, but this is different! I have never felt this way about anyone. NEVER! Every time she walks into a room, I know she's there. And her eyes light up the room, and when she batts them, my heart flutters. And when she smiles, I feel my stomach tug. I just want to kiss this girl badly! I want to hold her in my arms, and keep her safe. I want to tell her how much I love her every morning, just to have her know. I want to make her mine.

Liam's POV: Brie is amazing! After Danielle broke up with me, I thought I could never love again. That I could never smile because I was truly happy. With Brie, I'm laughing, smiling! I think all my pain can really go away. For good.

Zayn's POV: Perrie had never made me feel like this. How come Jakolbia can? She's a beautiful girl, and she's funny! I love her laugh, and her smile just brings warmth to my heart! Could I love her? But, I have a girlfriend. And I have never felt this way about her.. Could Jakolbia be the one?!

Louis's POV: I think I have fallen hard for Brittany.. She is gorgeous, and has a quirky personality. She and I have a LOT in common. But, I like Eleanor. What am I saying!?! Just a few minutes ago, I thought I love her. But now, I'm just not sure.. What is happening!?

Abby's POV: I am so ready to go home and catch up with the girls. I really need some girl time.. I haven't had a proper girl time in months. I really need to get a lot of things off my chest. Whoo. Here we go!
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