Me, Myself, and Him

Singer and actress Kayla Keeth has a normal life- well as normal as life can be as a celebrity. But when a scene for an upcoming romance movie starring her and Justin Bieber goes wrong, they have to work together to find out what happened and more importantly, why.


1. The Accident

"I can't believe you!" I yelled at none other than Justin Bieber. "You lied to me!" I ran towards the door but he blocked my path.

"Sarah," He looked me in the eyes and brushed back my auburn hair, "I love you."

"And.. CUT!" The director yelled. I smiled and walked off set with Justin. My name isn't really Sarah, I'm actress and singer Kayla Keeth. I made my way past a large movie crew and to my seat. I took a sip of my vitamin water. Justin stood next to me with his hands in his pockets. I got to know the teen heartthrob very well recently on the set. He was cute and nice, and so easy to talk to. I wouldn't admit it, but I was slowly falling in love with him.

"You were really good." He complimented. I chuckled.

"Well I am a professional. You did good, for an amateur." I teased him, lightly punching his arm. He laughed.

"Come on, lets head out!" I heard the director call. I had almost forgotten that the next scene was going to be taken on a small caribbean island. Ride to the airport was rather quiet, I wasn't one for talking in the car. On the plane, Justin and I played a game of blackjack. I beat him every time.

"Not fair!" He protested.

"That is completely fair!" I giggled, taking all the candy chocolates in the center of the small table. Justin succeeded in snatching one of them and popping it into his mouth. I stuck my tongue out at him when the pilot came on saying that we had landed. We ran off the plane as soon as we could and were overjoyed when we were told we had some free time until they set up. I changed into my black bikini and Justin in his orange swimming trunks. We walked down the beach holding our shoes in our hands just like in the movies I played in.

"This is nice. I haven't been this stress-free in a while." Justin admitted and I nodded in  agreement. The sun started to go down, and I wondered why no one called us over to film yet.

"We should get back." I suggested. We made our way back to the beach house, and that's where we found the filming crew. Dead. I gasped and threw myself into Justin.

"My god." he muttered while comforting me. "Kayla, we're not alone on this island. And I don't think it's a crazed fan."

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