totall confession (15+)

Emily's life is all over the place... she can't consontrate on much..... she hates school..... Only 2 pepole know the real her.... She has many issues, she uses music to get away from her life...... Emily has meany secrets.... read to find out what her life turns out to be (most of this is true). P.S. DONT READ IF YOUR UNDER 15


3. 6th grade

Well in 6th grade i had a "friend" she was a real b. 

So we where suppost to be friends then she just started igorning me for no reason!! 

Well i asked why she was igororing me ans she was like "cuz ur too sensitive"

Me: ok i know thats not the real reason im not an idiot 

her: well if i tell you the real reason your gonna cry

me: idc  (i dont care) just tell me

her: i already told u

me: ok am i crying? no

her: well your gonna cry 

me: whatever bye bye 

then she just keeps texting me i dont care so i igrore then.... my friends stands up for me and the other girls ends up calling her; 



-nigga (HATE RASIUM)


-stupid, she also said "im gonna track u down!!"

its like wow!!! all she did was stand up for me then you go off on her!! I think you need to learn some manners!!! 

Now she's trying to be my friend im like "excuse me? i think you might want to read your text messages and see how mean you where!" I actually didn't say that but i would have if i could.... the worst thing is that where in ALL r classes together!!! It sucks.... but i dont really care..... I have other friends but they dont really care that much.. My BEST FRIENDS LIVE IN ANOTHER STATE!!!! i hate that!!! But ya...... It really sucks!! But any way here a random quote;

"Trust is like a pecie of paper, once its crumpled it will never be the same" i dont know who says tha but thats a quote that i like 


please spread the word.... and all of this so far actually happened...... If you get depressed its not my fault.... but it might not seems you should be 15 to read this.... but trust me if will get worse.... and not with words........ 



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