totall confession (15+)

Emily's life is all over the place... she can't consontrate on much..... she hates school..... Only 2 pepole know the real her.... She has many issues, she uses music to get away from her life...... Emily has meany secrets.... read to find out what her life turns out to be (most of this is true). P.S. DONT READ IF YOUR UNDER 15


2. 4th and 5th grade

Ok so when i was nine i was in 4th grade.... I really liked a guy... he liked me back so we "dated" we never actually got out first kiss,  we where only in school together, and we where too young to go an actual date. We "dated" for a year and a half, i broke it off because he was being a total snob, he called my best friend pregnant, he thought she was really fat.... he was flirting with another girl... and so i broke it off. 

Now we never see each other or talk to each other. Its really weird, i mean i wish i could just tell him that im sorry that it happened (even though it wasn't my fault). 

In 5th grade i just turned 10. So i still went to school with my ex. It was really akward when we where on a over night field trip (the whole class) and he was like 




It was really emebarssing cuz we where yelling at each other in front of students, TEACHERS, PARENTS, and STAFF!!!! i was really embarresed- imagine you talking to the guy u use to really like yelling at each other in front of your parents- well its embarrising 



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