I Have 5 Best Friends, And They're Just Awesome. We're Super Close And Do Almost Everything Together. Who Knew, That One Day, Out Of No Where, I'd Fall In Love With Him, Zayn Malik. (It May Be Pretty Sexual So Read Only If Your 13+)


4. The House

And so I ran into Harry's seven sitter and Harry and Louis were sitting Infront and Zayn, Niall and Liam were in the middle. And we had to force in since the back seats were filed by our bags. I was sitting beside Niall and Liam and Zayn at the window since he loves to sleep and everyone hates how he can sleep on someone's Shoulder and yet fell to their lap while sleeping. It's weird but whenever that happens we'd shout "Zayn! Stop Blow-jobbing!!!" Because he'd move up down up down because of the car and he'd usually wake up by that. Ever since, he has been forced to sit at the window.Anyways, My hair was really messy that time, and I asked Liam to tie my hair. Well he always ties my hair, and it's really cute, as its really messy but it looks cute. A cute ponytail. And the journey was 3 hours. We slept, Louis and Harry kept changing shifts for driving. And finally, we reached our destination. I stepped out of the house, and me and Niall had the exact same reaction, but our words were different. I was like "heavennnn" and Niall said "hallelujah" I remember him doing that when his fan gave him muffins on stage. He's the cutest. And so the bad part was, there was only 3 rooms, "damn it!" But the toilets were awesomeeeee! And so they went up to the room, and Niall and Liam took one room, Louis and Harry took another and it was left with me and Zayn. Well we had no choice and I was actually kinda uncomfortable with it, but who cares. But I remembered Harry telling me that Zayn snores, and kicks people off bed. So I slowly turned to Zayn while I thought about that and Zayn gave me the look and said "it's gonna be fun, never slept with you before!" So I rolled my eyes and was like whatever, as long as you don't snore and kick me. But I was glad as the other boys don't like us smoking in the house. So finally I have a buddy that can smoke with me in the room
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