I Have 5 Best Friends, And They're Just Awesome. We're Super Close And Do Almost Everything Together. Who Knew, That One Day, Out Of No Where, I'd Fall In Love With Him, Zayn Malik. (It May Be Pretty Sexual So Read Only If Your 13+)


5. First Day/Night

The first night was fun, as we were trying to get use to the House. Well we had a great night. But Niall was upset, as we didn't have proper dinner there. We tried ordering for him nandos, but according to them, they didn't have an outlet nearby, so they refused. But everyone knows Liam, he forced Niall into eating Japanese and promised him he'll get proper food the next day. And I remember Niall excited look as he screamed with Liam "grocery shopping!!!" They're like father and son. Well, so I was pretty tired. I know I slept for a few hours. But travelling in cars gets me a head ache. So I told them I was going to sleep early and Zayn decided to follow me too. Well, I got to the room, tucked myself to bed and Zayn layed down next to me. He was sitting on the bed but he just sat there beside me and stared at me like as if I was his favourite fruit. And so I said "Zayn" and he said "your just so beautiful to resist" he said that as he gently stroked through my dark brown hair and stared at my lips as he licked his slowly. I felt that butterflies in my stomach. But I was too tired to even respond. So he continued "your the prettiest and most perfect thing I've met". And so I didn't know how to respond. And I replied "stop creeping me out, now go away so I can sleep" So I turned away and asleep right after that
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