I Have 5 Best Friends, And They're Just Awesome. We're Super Close And Do Almost Everything Together. Who Knew, That One Day, Out Of No Where, I'd Fall In Love With Him, Zayn Malik. (It May Be Pretty Sexual So Read Only If Your 13+)


8. Fireworks

He held my wrist and pushed me onto the bed. He lay on my body and kissed my neck slowly. I loved that feeling. And he softly said "I love you so much, your perfect. And you make me feel perfect". I Blushed. Slowly he unzipped my shorts as he slowly kissed me. I knew we were going to do it. I rubbed my hands against his dick as he softly moaned into my ear. He whispered into my ear saying "You know you love it,"with that cheeky smile.he moaned when I rubbed it harder. He loved it.He sat up as I slowly licked his dick. He held my hair so that he could see me blow for him. He licked his lips while I slowly licked his dick looking into his eyes while I licked it. I went slower and as i was about to blow he said "don't tease" So I blowed for him and he moaned His fingers rubbed my pussy and he slowly put his fingers in and out. I moaned as he went slightly faster. I moaned harder. He picked me up and layed on me on the bed and on me. he sucked my lips and not letting go till I moaned as He rubbed his dick against my pussy. We were so wet. He rubbed it up and down.As he sucked my neck so hard, I whispered,"I'm afraid it might hurt" And he went up my ear and whispered "I'd do it really slow so it won't hurt" He licked his lips. He still rubbed his dick against my pussy. He kissed me and after a few seconds he stuck his dick into me. I stopped kissing and moaned really hard. He looked at my face and he kept pushing it in. He went on, and he moaned too. I whispered "harder!" And he did it much faster. He didn't stop. He kept on going so hard and fast. I moaned alot. He knew I loved it. He kept whispering "I love you" and he pushed in. It was so good. We went on for hours. It was the best feeling I've ever experienced. We stopped and we fell asleep hugging each other.
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