I Have 5 Best Friends, And They're Just Awesome. We're Super Close And Do Almost Everything Together. Who Knew, That One Day, Out Of No Where, I'd Fall In Love With Him, Zayn Malik. (It May Be Pretty Sexual So Read Only If Your 13+)


11. Alone With Hazza

And so the next day, Niall forced Harry into driving him get some more grocery. Since there was still a week left. But they were getting ready to go. I was still asleep. Zayn came to me and said "hey babe, wanna follow me? I need to do some work. I gotta settle some stuff" but I told him I was having cramps and think I might have my period soon. My stomach was hurting alot. And he said "I'd can stay if you want me to. Everyone's leaving but Louis's gonna be here. I told him I'm fine and I'd feel better soon. So he kissed my cheeks and said I'd be home in no time I promise and he kissed my lips. After awhile, I felt better. And taught of finding something to eat. I grabbed Niall's sandwich(I hope he won't bite off my finger) and got on the couch to continue watching the ghost movie. It was early morning, so I wasn't really afraid. And the worst thing happened to me! Harry came and sat beside me. I got shocked! And said "didn't you go with Niall??!!" And Harry replied "nope, Louis went with him" And I was stuck with Harry! I felt like calling Zayn back, or Atleast anyone else! I felt like screaming my lungs off. Harry sat so close to me and I told him "if you had the chance you'd seriously sit on me right?!" And he replied "no love, if I had the chance, I'd make you sit on me" I hated him more and more. We were all so perfect as best friends and I can't believe this day had to come where things became so awkward. He watched the movie with me. Half way, his hand slowly touched my legs and he slowly slide it up to my shorts.I held his hand so tight and said "DON'T Even think about it!" And he moved his hand away. Than, again, back his hands went on my legs and he used his other hand to push my hair back and he bit my ear softly. I pushed his chest but he held my hand as he continued biting my ear. He was sitting on my right and he slowly pulled my right leg onto his so he can come closer to me. I tried pushing him again but, he was too strong. He used the hand he held my hair with to hold my waist so I won't leave. He went down my neck and kissed and bit it. I pushed him so hard and managed to stand up and I planned to run into my room so I'd he "Harry-free". He quickly got up and pulled my hands and pushed me against the wall. He tried kissing me but I used my hands to push his chest and his face back. I shouted "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!!" And he replied "I want you and you want me" he Stop whatever he was doing and just stared in my eyes.He brought me to the couch and asked me to sit on his lap and I did so. He said "love, you know you want me. And I know how much you want it" he tried looking in my eyes, as I looked away to ignore him he continued "you have always wanted me, now why run when it's happening? I looked at him and said " I love Zayn too much to even think about you. I don't want to cheat him. He trusts me and I don't want to break that" Harry replied,"Well Zayn doesn't have to know what we're doing. Zayn would only be mad if he finds out" I felt so weak. Harry's voice and his eyes makes me wanna be with him! Harry came closer and whispered "I know you want it" as he held my hands and put in on his dick as his face was still against my ear.
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