I Have 5 Best Friends, And They're Just Awesome. We're Super Close And Do Almost Everything Together. Who Knew, That One Day, Out Of No Where, I'd Fall In Love With Him, Zayn Malik. (It May Be Pretty Sexual So Read Only If Your 13+)


1. That Crazy Bunch

It has been 2 years since I have been close to that crazy bunch of boys. Aka, One Direction. Well, I can't deny, but they're the hottest guys I've seen, So far. And the fans don't deny it. Well how I wished I was with one of them, but they're too crazy. And that's probably why I love them more than anyone. Zayn, has his Perrie. Liam is still getting over Danielle and he's just too Daddy. Niall, he's attached, yes, to food! Louis, is with that pretty little elanor. But frankly, I feel like we're closer to him than he is to elanor. And lastly, Harry. Yes, he's the only one available. Too flirty, always after older women, but till today, he flirts with me alot thinking I'd give him a chance, but never. But, I can't deny that his curls and his smile, with his voice makes me melts. We stay in the same house. Well, it's a long story how that happened, They convinced me to stay in the same house as them a year ago. And so far things has been AmaZayn there. But Harry's long shower pisses everyone till today
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