Forever And Always<3

Forever And Always is about two girls who go to a One Direction concert, and when they meet the boys, their lives will change. Dramatically.


6. Winning Him Back


I took out my phone, dialed Niall’s number, and hit call.  He answered after a while, probably wondering whether to pick up or not.  “Hello?”  he said.  I missed his voice.  “Niall, there’s something I need to tell you,” I replied.  “Don’t bother,” he said back.  He probably still hates me.  “Zayn told me everything,” he said.  I breathed a sigh of relief.  “Sorry I got so mad at you.  Zayn’s explaining to the other boys and Jade so you don’t have to,” he said.  “So are we just friends, or are we together again?” I asked, hoping he’d say we’re together.  “I don’t know.  How about we go to Nando’s and figure it out?”  “Okay,” I said. “See you then.”   *7:00*   Niall came to my hotel door dressed the same way he was on our first date.  I remembered to shut everything off this time, I was positive I did.  I was wearing a dress that was Niall’s favorite color - green!  It was in between lime green and forest green.  “You look great, Paige,” Niall said.  “Thanks.  You do too, Nialler,” I replied.  Niall smiled.  I stepped out of the door and Niall interlocked his hand in mine.  Just then we saw Jade and Harry run out of their room, run down the hallway, and go into the elevator, laughing the whole time.  “Wonder why they’re so giggly,” Niall said.  “I don’t know, but I bet they’re going out later,” I replied.  Niall kept my hand in his and we started to walk down the hallway.  At that moment, Niall scooped me up in his arms and started to run down the hallway.  It made me laugh like crazy.  He was so funny!  “Better be careful or we’ll get hurt before we get any Nando’s!” I said.  That got him to stop, set me down carefully, wrap his arm around me, and walk down the hallway.  I have a feeling we’re still together.  We got to Nando’s and we both ordered the peri-peri chicken.  We were talking about Zayn and Niall kept apologizing like crazy.  He didn’t need to do that.  We’d been there about ten minutes when the paparazzi showed up.  Niall had warned me about them.  He told them he was busy and if they respected One Direction they would leave.  They all left, all except two or three.  By now I was extremely annoyed by them.  I looked at Niall, said “I’m sorry,” and I got up.  Niall probably thought I was leaving, because he got up as well.  I looked at the paparazzi, and told them to get out immediately.  They actually left.  I looked at Niall, and he looked back.  He gave me a ‘YES’ look.  He grabbed my arm and we ran out of the restaurant.  I thought I was in trouble.  It was raining a bit, and we stopped in the middle of the parking lot.  If he was going to yell, wouldn’t we have at least gotten into the car?  I was bracing myself for the yelling.  But instead, Niall just looked into my eyes, like he was trying to read my mind.  He leaned in.  We kissed.  Right there in the parking lot of Nando’s.  It was my romantic kiss in the rain I’ve always wanted, and now I’ve got it.  I hope he never let’s go of my waist, but he has to.  He needs air.  He put my hand in his, and we walked.  We walked so far, we had to ask Louis and Maddie to come get us.  When we got back to the hotel, Niall gave me another kiss.  “So are we dating?” I asked, already figuring I knew the answer.  “Of course, Paige.  I love you,” Niall said.  He gave me yet ANOTHER peck on the cheek, walked me inside, said goodnight, and left.  This was the best night ever.  Maddie walked into the door.  “I haven’t had time to tell you this while Niall was here,” she said, “but Louis was telling me how he wanted you, Niall, Me, and Louis to go on a double night tomorrow.  Could you tell Nialler?”  “Sure, okay.  How are you and Louis going?”  “We’re doing great!  We get along the same we did when we first met,” she said.  I’m glad they’re getting along good.  I just hope Niall and I stay like this forever. 
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