Forever And Always<3

Forever And Always is about two girls who go to a One Direction concert, and when they meet the boys, their lives will change. Dramatically.


2. The tragedy


Last night, Niall gave me his number and he said we should hang out sometime.  I assume Louis gave his number to Maddie because they wouldn’t shut up about Kevin and carrots, Kevin and carrots,  Kevin and carrots!  That’s all I ever hear coming from her mouth!  She might as well own her own pigeon, name it Kevin, and feed it carrots!  I’m seriously tired of hearing those words.  Maybe some time out with Nialler would help.  I grabbed my phone and texted the number.  ‘Hey Nialler.  Wanna hang out tonight?’ Vibrations. ‘Sure, babe’ Did he just call me - BABE? ‘Did you just call me babe?’ I waited for what seemed like ages for an answer.  More vibrations.  ‘I’m sorry - I guess I just typed it.  Forgive me?’  ‘Sure, Nialler.  So how about the mall later?’  ‘Works for me.  Pick you up at 7’ ‘Ok, see you then!’  I think he actually likes me!  First he calls me babe, then he agrees to hang out!  This might actually work out!  At that moment, Harry walked in with his girlfriend, Jade.  Jade and him have been through some crazy times.  First, they’re kidnapped, then Zayn is shot and hospitalized, and Jade tries to commit suicide.  I’m worried about what’s next.  You honestly need to expect the unexpected.  I just hope that stuff doesn’t happen with me and Niall and Maddie and Louis.  I don’t know what I would do if they did.  Oh well. * 7:00 * I was dressed in my favorite casual outfit - a nice graphic tee from Aeropostale and some Miss Me jeans.  I just threw on some cute black flats and was straightening my hair when Niall and Zayn showed up.  “Hey guys!” I said.  “Zayn wanted to come over and watch TV here at the hotel.  There’s too many noisy fans at their hotel.  Is that okay with you?”  Zayn gave me the cutest puppy-dog face.  How could I say no!  “Kay, Zayn.  Just don’t get into any trouble!”  I winked at him.  He smiled back and ran to the TV and turned on some Family Guy.  Niall looked at me.  “You look so beautiful,” he said.  I blushed.  “Why are you blushing?  There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.  So how about that mall?”  “Let’s go,” I said.  After Niall and I got to the mall and walked around a bit, Niall got a call form Zayn.  Niall’s face went pale.  I asked him what was going on.  He teared up, grabbed my arm, and ran out of the mall with me.  By now he had hung up on Zayn and he said he would explain in the car.  When we got in the car I was freaking out.  The many things it could be were running through my head.  Was a member mobbed?  Missing?  Dead?  I can’t even bear to think of the things it could be, but I can’t stop myself.  By now Niall was crying at full force and going about 5 miles over the speed limit toward the hotel.  “What happened, Niall?  What’s going on?”  I asked.  He took a breath, wiped his tears, and said, “It was all your fault,”  What was my fault?  Did I say something?  The only stuff I say about One Direction let alone Niall are positive things!  “What’s all my fault, Niall?  Was it something I said?”  Niall wouldn’t answer me.  As we were turning the corner to the hotel I saw smoke.  Lots of smoke.  We turned more.  I saw fire trucks and police cars and ashes.  My heart dropped.  I never turned off my straightening iron.  And Zayn was in the room.
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