Forever And Always<3

Forever And Always is about two girls who go to a One Direction concert, and when they meet the boys, their lives will change. Dramatically.


3. Mixed Emotions

I never felt so alone in my life.  Maddie is mad at me for burning her stuff, and Liam, Louis, Harry, Jade, and even Niall are mad at me for hurting Zayn.  Today we are going to visit him.  We all went, but nobody said a word the whole way there.  We sat in the waiting room at the hospital to see Zayn.  The nurse came out and told me that Zayn wanted to see me.  The other members gave me a rude look - even Niall.  It ripped my heart into pieces.  The love of my life, being so rude to me.  Could my life get any worse?  I walked down the hallway to Zayn’s room.  I lightly knocked on the door.  I couldn’t hold back the tears, so they started to fall.  When I saw Zayn, his body all burned up, barely any skin left on his poor body, and him barely breathing.  I might as well delete my twitter and facebook, just thinking of all the hate I’m going to get.  I can just imagine it - ‘You almost killed my Zayn!’ ‘You were so planning this!’ ‘You’re just jealous he’s better than you!’ The tears fell harder, Zayn couldn’t help but cry as well.  “I’m so sorry, Zayn.  This was all my fault.  I didn’t realize I left my straightening iron on, I’m so sorry!  Please forgive me!”  “I can’t forgive you now,” he said.  “Because…” “Because why?” I asked, now practically balling.  “Because I think I’m in love with you.”  I’m so confused.  He loves me?  But he should hate me…I did this to him.  I certainly wouldn’t be in love with the person who almost killed me.  “Come here, Paige,”  Zayn said.  I was a little scared, but I obeyed.  I took a few steps until I was right next to him.  He looked at me and said the words that I think made me love him back - “If I die here tonight, would you miss me?”  I instantly cried.  “Of course, Zayn!  Why wouldn’t I miss you!”  “Would you miss ME, or would you miss ZAYN from One Direction?”  “I’d miss YOU, Zayn,” I said, crying harder.  “But you won’t die tonight, because I won’t let you.”  I did something I thought I would never do.  I leaned in.  He also leaned.  When our lips touched, it was like the Fourth of July.  Fireworks, everywhere!  I never thought I’d feel this way about Zayn!  At that EXACT moment, Niall walked in.  He froze, we froze.  A tear slipped from Niall’s eye.  I saw his hands start to shake.  He walked closer to me, and closer and closer.  I thought he was going to do something like slap me, or even just shove me.  But no.  He came up to me and he took his two trembling hands (see what I did there?) and he put them around my waist.   He leaned the exact way Zayn and I did, but this time, no fireworks.  The only feeling I had was disgust.  I was disgusted with Niall.  I shoved him away, turned around, and kissed Zayn.  “I should have never loved you in the first place,” Niall said.  “It was the biggest mistake I ever made.  You were amazing at first, but now you’re a jerk.  You are a jerk.”  He stormed out of the room.  We saw Liam, Louis and Harry’s heads pop through the door.  Great, they heard everything.  “I’ll go take care of it,” said Harry.  I’m glad he’s at least trying to help things.  I don’t know if this day is great or if it’s horrible.  

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