Forever And Always<3

Forever And Always is about two girls who go to a One Direction concert, and when they meet the boys, their lives will change. Dramatically.


5. Answers

Zayn’s better now, he just needs to put some medicine on the major burns once a day.  I’m at Zayn’s hotel room helping him get around.  “Zayn,” I said, “Why did you kiss me?  This was all my fault.  You should hate me, not love me.”  His next words were a shock.  “I kissed you because I wanted you to know…that this wasn’t your fault.”  “But it is my fault, Zayn.  I left my straightening iron on,” I replied.  “No, you didn’t,” Zayn said.  I was getting confused.  “You didn’t leave the straightening iron on.  The fire was my fault.  I think it’s time I told you the truth.  I know your straightening iron was off because I went to the toilet and it was unplugged.  I promised I wouldn’t get into trouble, but I failed.  After you and Niall left, I got hungry.  I turned on the oven to make a pizza.  When it was heating, I went back to the couch to watch TV, and I kind of…fell asleep.  And that hotel didn’t have smoke alarms, what kind of hotel is that?!?  Anyways, I didn’t wake up until the smoke was basically all the way down to me and my feet were in the fire.  That’s why it’s extremely hard for me to walk.  There were some other burns on my body, but I didn’t notice because I was so scared.  I grabbed my phone and army crawled to the door.  I got out as fast as I could without getting on my feet, called 911, and…here we are.”  I was shocked.  Now that I think of it, I do remember unplugging my straightening iron!  Everyone is mad at me for nothing!  “I’m so sorry,” Zayn said.  “It’s okay.  At least you told the truth,” I said back to him.  “I honestly don’t know why I kissed you,” he said.  “I guess I just liked you.”  “Okay,” I said in return.  “But I can’t love you.  I love Niall…again.”

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