Forever And Always<3

Forever And Always is about two girls who go to a One Direction concert, and when they meet the boys, their lives will change. Dramatically.


7. An...Interesting Day

Niall agreed to do the double date with Maddie and Louis.  I was getting ready for it when Maddie walked into my room.  “Changing!”  I said.  She acted like she didn’t hear.  She jumped on my bed as she started to cry.  “What’s wrong?!?”  I asked.  “Louis and I got in a fight!  I’m so sad!  What if he breaks up with me?” she yelled.  “What was the fight about?”  I asked.  “He’s mad at me for telling paparazzi that we were together, which we are, so I don’t see why it’s such a big deal!”  “Maybe he doesn’t want rumors to start,” I suggested.  She finally calmed down.  “That’s probably it!”  She screamed. “I have to go apologize!”  She ran out of the room before I could say anything.  “Well okay then,” I mumbled.  **Maddie’s Point Of View**  I ran and ran to mine and Louis’ room.  Louis was crying on the couch when I walked in.  “Sorry, I should’ve knocked.”  I said, turning around.  “No, please stay.” Louis said.  Why would he want me to stay?  “I’m sorry, Maddie.  I want you back.  I never should’ve gotten mad at you.  It was stupid of me and I was in a bad mood that day.  Could you forgive me and we can start over?”  “Anything for you, Boobear.  I don’t mind, and you had a concert the night before, you didn’t get much sleep.  I understand.”  “So are we good?”  Louis asked.  “We’re good,” I replied, sitting down next to him and giving him a Horan Hug.  Niall taught me how to do his signature hugs.  “And you better be getting ready for our double date with Paige and Niall tonight!”  “Crap, is that tonight?!?” Louis said.  “Yeah, did you not remember?”  I replied.  “No.  Shoo, shoo!  I gotta get dressed.  Or you can stay if you like, love.”  Louis said, winking at me.  Typical Louis.  “No thanks, I’m good, Boobear.  Bye!”  I walked out of our room, about to cry again.  But this time, of happiness.  I was so glad Louis took me back. 

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