Remember ((A Harry Styles Fanfic))

Skylar Turner was in a terrible car accident. She was left with nothing, not even her own memory. But she has Harry to fill her mind back up. He leads her in a new life, and she loves it. But when problems start to erupt, she realizes that something just isn't right.
What Skaylar doesn't know, is that she is living a lie.


1. Secrets (Intro)

((In Harry's POV))

"She got amnesia from it," said the middle-aged nurse at the desk, "She hit her head pretty hard at the crash, but not hard enough to forget everything. So she still remembers very simple tasks, but everything else is temporarily... gone."
"Temporarily?" I asked.
"Well, it's a very light case of amnesia. Her memory can be brought back if she is reminded of her life. Anything from seeing her house again to seeing herself in a mirror will bring back all her memory. As long as she is reminded of it, she'll be just fine," she replied.
"What if... she's not reminded of that?"
"Then she would forget about it. It would take about a year or two, but if she is not reminded of her past, she'll forget and well, move on," she stated.
"Oh... thanks,"
"No problem," she responded with a smile, but didn't get one back. Instead, I turned around, walked down the long hospital hallway, and swerved into a room on the left.
She was asleep. Her big eyes with long, wispy dark eyelashes squeezed shut. And the only motion she was making was her stomach rising and falling. That's all she had been doing, every-time I saw her.
I was not part of her memory. I was her best-friend's boyfriend. She did not know me, she did not remember me. She has her own boyfriend, a whole separate guy in a whole separate life. And I bet she loves him, and he loves her, and I bet she wants to get married to him and be with him forever. Or at least that's what my girlfriend says.
No, said. Before the car crash took her life, sparing only the lives of Skylar and I. Well, actually only sparing the life of me, and leaving me to save the others.
The only time Skylar and I have even touched was when I grabbed her limp body and pulled it out of the crash.
Seeing me would not bring back her memory.
I wasn't going to let anything bring back her memory. Because in the days that I have watched her gently sleep in silence, I've fallen in love with her. I did not want her to know about her old life, with her own boyfriend, and knowing that I was the boy that saved her life and not her best friends.
Her eyes fluttered open. My heart jumped. But I didn't go tell the nurses she had woken up from being unconscious for days. She turned her head over and spotted me sitting on my usual chair by the side if her bed.
"Wha... where am I?" she murmured. I could see the confused look already.
"Your in the hospital," I assured her, "there was a car accident.". She was silent for a moment, trying to comprehend what I had said. I knew she would ask who she is, but I'm not going to tell her she is Skylar Turner, born in 1994 in Virginia, has two brothers and a sister, divorced parents, moved to L.A. when she turned 13, girlfriend to a guy named Jack, best friend with my girlfriend.
No. She is Emma Johnson, born in 1994 in L.A., only child, parents passed away when she was 16, girlfriend of me.

"Who am I?"

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