Remember ((A Harry Styles Fanfic))

Skylar Turner was in a terrible car accident. She was left with nothing, not even her own memory. But she has Harry to fill her mind back up. He leads her in a new life, and she loves it. But when problems start to erupt, she realizes that something just isn't right.
What Skaylar doesn't know, is that she is living a lie.


2. New Old Life

I woke up with a pounding headache. As I peeled open my eyes, to view the dim, buzzing lights above me, I noticed something moving at my side. I turned my head over and saw a very unfamiliar boy sitting in a chair. The first thing I notice was his eyes, they were a intense, yet elegant, green-grey color fitted into an almond shape. I focused on his hair next, a fluff of brown curls pushed over to the side. He had perfectly shaped lips and I wanted to see what they would turn into if he smiled. He was definitely young, for he was thin and seemingly tall. But he just sat there, with his hands together, watching me.
I realized that I had no clue where I was, and he was the only one to answer that now.
"Wha...were am I?" I said, noticing how gentle and weak my voice sounds.
"Your in the hospital. There was a car accident," he said in a new and different voice to me. His voice was in another accent, and he spoke very slow, and very calming. But now that I thought of it, there was a lot I didn't know. Let me stress "a lot". I didn't know half of what was going on.
I didn't even know my name. No, more than that. I didn't know who I was. I didn't know anything.
"Who am I?" I asked, so confused I didn't even care if he thought I was crazy.
"Your name is Emma Johnson," he stated and I nodded, even though my name didn't tell me anything else. Suddenly, a woman stepped into the room and gasped.
"She's awake!" she cheered and rushed out. Harry's face turned pale with worry, and he hopped out of the chair and rushed toward me.
"We have to go," he said while yanking cords off me and pulling me up. In silence, I slowly stood up off the bed.
"Faster," he added hoarsely as he squeezed my hand tightly and wrapped his other hand around my waist and pushed me out.
"Where are we..." I started.
"Shhh," he interrupted. We walked briskly around corners and down different hallways. Then, we pushed out two glass doors.
The sunny afternoon light blinded me at first, but my eyes got accustomed to it. We went out onto black pavement and it burned my bare feet. He turned us and opened up a car door. He set me down in it, buckled me up, closed the door, and ran around to the other side.
"What's going on?" I asked as he started it up, "Who are you?!". I was beginning to panic.
"My name's Harry Styles. I'm your boyfriend. We live together and I'm taking you home," he stated.
"Well..." I began.
"I'll tell you the rest when we get home," he cut me off. I sat in silence until I realized I was still tired. The car ride was getting longer and I began to doze off. I really needed some shut eye, and before I knew it, I was fast asleep.

I woke up in a different room this time. The bright rays of sun pouring through the large windows lit up the beautiful room. It was soft yellow with a white ceiling a wood floors. The blankets on me were thick and puffy and covered with designs if elegant pastel flowers. The bed was very big and soft and the pillows were like they were made of air.
No one was in the room was in the room with me though. And I decided to get out of bed. I slid out and I saw some clothes laying on a stylish chair that matched the colors of the room. It was only a floral sundress, and I decided to put it on. It was better than the blue, triangle shaped, hospital gown I was wearing. I didn't have a bra to wear, but I was fine, the dress was very loose, I slipped into it and tied it at the waistline with the thin string attached. I watched as my blonde hair dropped onto my shoulders. So, I'm a blonde. I wonder what my face looks like. I decided to set out to find a mirror.
Barefooted, I tiptoed silently through the room, and opened up a door. No, mirror in there. I closed it and stepped away to the open door which led to a hall. The hall was a cream color, and with more wood floors. And the light shining through every window gleamed against the wood. I stepped down the hallway, without making a sound. I looked into a few more rooms, even went downstairs, but found nothing.
Although the house was very well refined and decorated beautifully, it didn't seem like a home. There was no pictures on the walls, and no sign if anyone living in it. It was a very large, old house though.
I went back upstairs and found a very big room, like a living room. It was blue and brown colored, with some pretty touches of gold in the furniture. At the end of the room, there were two glass doors which led outside, onto a balcony. I guided my way through the room and gently pulled open the doors, letting a warm rush of air blow softly at me. I stepped outside, leaving the doors open, and taking a few short steps onto the white painted wood. I touched my hands to the railing at started out at the view.
It was stunning. A bright blue lake, complementing the softer blue sky. The green grass below me turned into a small sandy beach, which led to the calm water. Off to the side, I spotted a huge, beautiful garden that I think I could smell from the second floor. And way, way beyond it was was a thick forest, overflowing with big lumbering trees.
I closed my eyes and took deep breathes.
This is my home, this is where I live.

Two big arms crossed around my waist and held me from behind. Slowly swaying back and forth, I could tell it was Harry.
"Harry," I said quietly.
"You remember me?" he stated, tensing up.
"Haha," I chuckled breathily, "I don't remember anything; you told me in the car.". He loosened up again.
"Oh yea," he replied. We stayed in silence and looked at the beautiful view.
"This is home?" I asked after a while.
"Yes. This is where you and I live,"
"It's gorgeous," I replied, "I love it."
"You always have," he stated.
"Harry... who am I?" I asked finally.
"Emma Johnson." he said.
"I know, but like...who?" I persisted.
"Okay," he replied, turning me around to face him, "You have this personality, that everyone loves. You can brighten up anybody's day no matter how terrible it is going. You laugh at everything, and you have the best laugh I've ever heard. Your the nicest person I've ever met, and everybody can agree with me in that. Your always just in a good mood, and you have the most perfect smile." I blushed and wrapped my arms around Harry's chest.
"What do I look like?" I asked, knowing there are no mirrors in the house to tell me.
"You have wavy blonde hair, and greenish blue eyes, dark eyebrows, your tan, but not fake looking, you have perfect naturally pink full lips, and your bright white teeth shine through every time you smile," he stated
"Am I pretty?" I continued, realizing it was such a stupid question to ask.

"You, are prettier than any girl in the entire world," he said slowly, making a point. I decided that was all I needed to know about me today, and I just gave him a simple smile.
"Do you love me?" I questioned lastly.
"I love you so seriously much that I could not go a day without you. I love you so much that the sound of your name gives me butterflies. I love you so much that I thank God everyday that you are my girlfriend," he responded. With that, I leaned closer to Harry than I was before. Our noses brushed against each-others. I smelled his strong, minty breath. Slightly, I tilted my head.
I leaned even closer. My lips touched his barely.

He stepped away.
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