Remember ((A Harry Styles Fanfic))

Skylar Turner was in a terrible car accident. She was left with nothing, not even her own memory. But she has Harry to fill her mind back up. He leads her in a new life, and she loves it. But when problems start to erupt, she realizes that something just isn't right.
What Skaylar doesn't know, is that she is living a lie.


3. Home Alone


I couldn't kiss her. After I told her how much I love her, and how perfect we are. The risk was too high that it wouldn't be a "perfect" kiss. Then she would realize that I was lying. She was absolutely stunned when I stepped away from her, and the look of confusion and fear in her eyes was too much for me to handle. I had to run back into the house and outside. I walked briskly over to the garden and sat down on a stone bench.
I had no clue how to do this. She is going to find out. She is going to start asking questions. I was stupid, there will be missing person reports; for her, for me. People will come looking. Luckily, I bought a house last minute in the middle if nowhere, with no neighbors, no nearby towns, and days away from her old home. She actually passed out again in the drive here, fully asleep the whole time I was wide awake driving. So although this place, with no connection whatsoever to the real world, is so far away, I'm still afraid she will figure it out. And it is too late to tell her the truth now.

"You don't have to kiss me if you don't want to," she said as she sat down next to me on the bench. I jumped when I heard her speak, because she made no sound while coming over.
"I just want to know why?" she added. I had to think of an answer, fast.
"Ummmm... I have a cold. And I don't want to get you sick," I stated.
"Oh." she replied, "Well then, thanks.". I nodded.
"I'm gonna go back inside then," she replied and walked away.

Honestly, I have to clue what to do.

She was asleep on the couch when I came back in. I decided to go out, maybe buy some dinner, or some more clothes for her. The only thing she has is just this random dress I bought on the drive here. It's pretty, sure, but she needs some more "girl" things. She's just gonna keep sleeping, and when she wakes up, she can explore the garden or the lake or something
I left the house, got in my car, and drove out of the very long, dirt, driveway to the nearest civilization.
This was the last time I could do this. Soon, I would have to hire people. I mean, if I'm a missing person, imagine how much ruckus will erupt if I am spotted at the grocery store. And it's already a big deal when "One Direction's Superstar Singer" is spotted anywhere. I already have to hide this time.
I drove for about two and a half hours before I found a small clothing store. Quickly, I got out of the car and went in the building, dodging people and keeping my head down. I went to the women's section and grabbed a bunch of random things, well actually pretty much the whole rack. I went to the shoes and found a random pair of Sperrys, getting a 9, hoping that was her shoes size. I skipped even faster, with all the items in my arms, to the lingerie section. The women working there instantly defied me though.
"Is there something you need?" she asked, standing in front of me.
"Uhhh.... I'm buying my girlfriend a birthday gift," I lied.
"Your buying her a bra.... for her birthday," she responded.
"And underwear too," I added. She looked disgusted by me, but I didn't care.
"Ooooookkkaaayyyy," she replied, drawing it out to show how crazy she thought I was.
"What's her size then?" she asked.
"Uummm... big?" I responded, entirely unsure of what her "size" was. The women laughed.
"What is it?" she asked again.
"I don't know! Big though!" I responded again. The women sighed and turned around. She grabbed a random black lacy one, and matching panties, and turned back around with it.
"This size?" she asked, holding it out for me.
"Uuuuhh," I replied, eyeing it up, "Yep!". I grabbed it from her, yelled thanks over my shoulder, and went to checkout. I quickly, bought the items and left the store. A few feet away from the car.

"OH... MY... GOD!!! That's Harry Styles!!!" I heard. Damn, I'm caught. Two girls rushed up to me, and then two more. They cheered my name as more people came, some didn't even look like they would be a fan. I tried to push out of the crowd, but that's impossible, because the crowd was focused on nothing but me. As I slowly and dreadfully inched my way through the crowd, I pictured Skylar, I mean, Emma, waking up and finding herself alone, and confused. I had to get to her, leaving her was a bad idea. I pushed through the people, realizing that I was actually shoving random people to the ground to get to my car. Finally, I reached the car, hopped in it quickly, and drove away as fast as I could. I speeded all the way home. It was dark by the time I got there. I rushed inside immediately, but I didn't see her on the couch.
"Emma!!!" I yelled as I ran into the kitchen, yet no Emma. I called her name again when into the family room, dining room, living room, and then upstairs. I peered into every bedroom.
Where was she?!
I bolted back downstairs and outside. She wasn't in the garden. She wasn't in the backyard. I sprinted to the lake, but saw nothing in the dark.

Silently, I heard a quiet weeping.
"Emma?" I said, I got no response. I tried to follow the sound, but soon realized that I was ankle deep in cold lake water. I squinted to see in front of me.

I saw I short black shadow figure, sitting down in the water. That's where the sound was coming from. The moonlight reflected off her long blonde hair, and I could tell it was Emma. She had her legs tucked in front of her with her arms wrapped around them. I came up behind her and hugged her.
"Emma, what's wrong?" I asked, kissing her cheek. She pushed her head into my neck and wrapped her arms around me. She continued to weep, except louder. I held her head and gently stroked her hair.
"What's wrong?" I repeated. I didn't get a response at first, but I was expecting that. We waited with her, in the icy night water rushing up to us, under the bright moonlight, I waited for her to talk.
"Harry," she moaned finally through her little cries, "I thought you were gone forever.". My heard dropped when I heard that. She totally depends on me for everything. I was gone about 6 hours, and in that time, she thought I was gone forever. I couldn't even respond.
"You're all I have, Harry," she added, "If you left me... I would just... just..."
"Emma, I would never leave you," I interrupted her, knowing exactly what the last word would be. She pulled her head out of my neck and I saw her pale white face, covered in tears with puffy red eyes.
"What if..." she started.
"No, there is no 'what if'," I stopped her. She stared at me, still crying, just with a very vacant facial expression.
"I love you," I stated. She tilted her head down, and watched the water soaking her clothes. I picked her up in a cradle and walked with her. She continued to hold on to my neck as I stepped out of the water. I went the long trek back to the house. Once in, I wrapped her in a towel, brought her upstairs, and laid her down on the bed.
"I got you some new clothes. So you should probably take a shower and put on some pajamas," I stated quietly and she nodded. I turned and left the room.

I was so worried for her. She is just so helpless, it's dangerous.
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