One Love,One Direction!

A girl named Zoe Hastings is abused by her father and she cuts herself twice as much because of her mother who passed away when she was seven years old.Zoe is now 18 going on 19 and very close to making it to the medical field as the note recieved from Stanford hospital,but Zoe's father or "Mike" as zoe calls him doesnt agree.Mike thinks Zoe's too stupid to be a doctor.Zoe only has 2 best friends going through a few similar things but what happens when the girls get discovered by one direction/ Will they fall in love or will they refuse the boy's offer? wait.....What offer? Read to find out:)!!! xx_Kayla_xx


1. My name is Zoe Hastings

Zoe's Pov

"Zoe!!" I heard from downstairs, "yyy-yes" I said with a tremble already knowing why Mike was calling.I guess I took too long to answer because I heard stomping on the stairs all the way up to my room, I wanted to go jump under my bed and escape from the world but i couldnt,I was frozen, just like my mother lied in her coffin 12 years ago.My thoughts were interrupted by Mike shaking me and throwing me on the ground."Dont ignore me!..When i call you,you listen!Understand me?" he screamed with a terrorizing look in his eyes I could tell he was drinking by the reek of alcohol in his breath that i can smell from here."Are you listening?" he screamed. "I-I answered you but i dont think you heard me" I replied with a fear in my voice I was trying to hide.I can tell by the accomplished look in his eyes that he noticed, so i decided to be smart and say,"But of course by those huge ears you have its kind of hard to believe" I said it with a slight smile...BIG MISTAKE..."EXCUSE ME?!" he said with anger as he ran towards me and kicked me in the stomach repeatedly.Luckily that was when the house phone rang twice and hung up which is the signal me and Vanessa use to let me now that I need to call her.Mike doesnt know I have a phone so in order for him not to find out my phone cant make any sounds the whole time im home which is most of the time.I try to keep myself happy but for now Vanessa's my only hope.


Vanessa's Pov

*sigh* I'm just so bored.I wonder what Zoe's doing since its Saturday and 10 a.m. I just started singing pumped up kicks by Foster the People,"Robert's got a quick hand,He'll look around the room he wont tell you his plan,he's got a rolled cigarette  hanging out of his mouth he's a cowboy kid yeah, he found a six shooter gun, in his dad's closet with a box full of fun things, I don't even know wha-at, But he's coming for you yeah he's coming for you...." then i started the chorus of the song with a higher pitch exercise me and Zoe were working on,"ALL the other kids with the pumped up kicks, you better run better run, outrun my gun..." I finished the song and signaled Zoe to call me because we haven't heard from Anahi since Daniel broke up with her,Got back together with her and then cheated on her with the girl he dated before her.JERK! see these are the reasons i dont Need or Want a boyfriend i have me,myself,I Zoe and Anahi if she ever gets over Daniel.Sometimes I just feel that me,myself,and I is too much.But lucky me Zoe just called,"Hello!" I said more cheerful than I felt."Hey,Vane can I come over?"she asked with a faint voice.Knowing exactly what it was I answered with a sigh and asked her "Zoe are you okay? What did he do this time?" trying to sound as sincere as possible. Honestly It hurt to see her this way I just get mad when I hear about it now, it annoys me. She's gonna escape and move to another country.Of course i'd miss her but its whats best for her and it would be so obvious if she lived with me or Anahi.My thoughts were interrupted by Zoe screaming at me,"VANE-EE?!" "huh? sorry" we both just laughed and we discussed my idea but she didn't like the new country thing she packed her bags put them under her bed and told me to be at her house under the bedroom window.

*Good?! please let me know.Still getting the hang of things:)*

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